34 coaches, referees and players participate in a successful Intro to Beach class in Freetown, Sierra Leone in March 6 to 9. The class entailed theoretical and practical sessions, and men and women, the majority of whom are involved in in some manner, took a part.

IHF lecturer Burak Tezcan praised the enthusiasm on screen as well as the service offered by this Sierra Leone Association through the four-day course, that took place in Freetown’s Olympic Centre. All participants were moved and Tezcan described the amount of the players and referees as very high. “Following a great, structured programme along with enough practice, they could develop as a great shore team,” composed Tezcan within his report.

Tezcan outlined the organic beaches and climate as two strengths that may bring about the development of shore within Sierra Leone. Adequate financing is one barrier. Tezcan thinks that the introduction of a continental championship is an essential step on the path to faster development of this field.

“The course was a triumph irrespective of of most challenges they’d had. Coaches, players and referees improved in focusing on how the match is played along with its own particular rules from match to match. It is recognized that shore hand ball is right for Sierra Leone by the beneficial response of players and also spectators or people that were passing by at the shore,” composed Tezcan, ongoing to outline the way the base must be laid up on which the activity can be manufactured.

“Realistic goals have to be put and encouraged while it’s still fresh. Since shore hand ball is relatively new in Sierra Leone, it is highly recommended that guidance on a regular basis is needed. ”


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