Los Angeles Lakers forward Brandon Ingram underwent decompression Operation on his right arm Saturday, Also sources told he is expected to make a full recovery in a Few months,

Ingram was shut down a week after having a clinical examination of the sore right shoulder showed deep venous thrombosis — a disease due to a blood clot. This clot has been removed and Saturday’s procedure guaranteed better circulation in Ingram’s chest muscles.

“This couldn’t have been a better set of data to get a clot,” Ingram’s agent, Jeff Schwartz, told .

With doubt surrounding Ingram’s illness from the last week, former players that were forced to retire because of blood-clot issues — namely Chris Bosh and Mirza Teletovic — were more cited as equal cases to Ingram. However, Ingram, the ’ No. 2 select of Duke in 2016, had a condition which has been linked to the cosmetics of the body, perhaps not the cosmetics of his blood.

“it is a night-and-day difference between a hematological issue, or perhaps even a blood difficulty but you want to put it, and a structural issue,” Schwartz told . “This was not linked to his blood producing some thing which will cause blood clots. This was only structural”

Ingram’s process was performed by Dr. Hugh Gelabert at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, according to the team. It’s a fairly common procedure for athletes that make repeated arm motions over their head such as players, swimmers and golfers.

Area of the normal clinic with decompression operation requires that the patient to be on blood thinners for anyone to 8 weeks, however not will have to make use of them after that. Ingram could be back on the court as soon as eight weeks, sources told , with a return to full basketball tasks taking an extra four to eight weeks .

“He is in good spirits and Brandon’s going to create a full comeback,” Schwartz told .


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