Even though has been adhered into the base of the time sheets throughout the Melbourne weekend, Kubica said before he hit on the wall at Turn 10 at Q1 that there had actually been signs of some progress.

“It’s been quite complicated for different reasons,” said Kubica, that characterized continue after the wall hit gave him a puncture.

“I presume qualifying was difficult with all the general feeling in the car, but unexpectedly people feelings improved massively for the previous run. But then I complicated my life with a silly mistake.

“It wasn’t even a mistake from over-driving or something like that. It was probably evaluation of space, which can be somewhat embarrassing.

“But I have a better overview of just how much space I will have when I access to the highway circuit. It shouldn’t happen.

“Yet , there are two or three things that people understood in qualifying better. Unfortunately it won’t change anything for the outcome of the group and position e, but we heard something which I presume is critical.”

Kubica stated troubles he’d had during the Melbourne weekend left him lacking confidence to push too much on his end.

“The dilemma is I was starting from this type of terrible feeling before that lap which at many places I under drove the car,” he explained. “That’s ordinary when you begin from not knowing things.

“But we understood the direction of what the automobile needs from the setup point of view. It’s somewhat late, but better late than never.

“Likely we moved into the direction which was somewhat like last year, but honestly this car is very dissimilar to drive. It’s different characteristics, and it wasn’t paying off. So at the least from the challenging day there had been several positive things”

Kubica is under no illusions about just how difficult things will be at the race tomorrow though, having claimed he got overtaken more on a race sim at Friday clinic than he had in his entire F1 career.

“It will be a important day and unfortunately it’ll be my very first time [since last in f 1 ] I shall execute a race longer than 15 laps in a row, as I haven’t had the chance to do it at .

“There certainly are a great deal of items to discover, but watching yesterday the long runs it will likely be quite tough. After people were doing race sims and more runs, I was overtaken significantly a lot more than in all four years I was racing — and that was in 45 minutes of driving.

“therefore it will be a very long run. Nonetheless, it is very important to do this, to get some good information and I presume ultimately, even though it will not look positive, it is a very positive day .”


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