On a six-fight winning streak entering the bout using Nelson, Edwards felt slighted that he wasn’t lined opposite countryman Darren Till in the main event. He looked good against Nelson and then again needed a movement to the surface of the division.

Following usual setting out of process, Nelson closed the gap and then put Edwards on the weapon and then worked for him on a lawn. Edwards kicked off him and immediately caught up, but Nelson instantly tangled his legs up and came back Edwards to the canvas.

Edwards worked to his toes, switched position, then picked Nelson upwards and put him on the canvas. He spent the remaining part of the opening around in control from Nelson’back in a kneeling position, landing some marijuana shots from .

The second frame was where the fight has been obtained by Edwards.

Nelson maintained closing the gap, trying to get Edwards back to the mat, but whenever he failed to get Edwards down, then he ate a few of short shots.  

Late in the minute, Nelson shot and Edwards captured a half clinch round his throat, pulling Nelson right into a challenging shot elbow and tossed him to the canvas. Edwards followed the Icelander down, falling yells and hammerfists him on only to run out of time until he can finish the fight.

Nelson knew his back was against the walls in the final framework and struggled just like it, looking at every turn to put Edwards back to a lawn. He ate several more elbows for his problem, but eventually got the take down for which he was searching.

Nelson instantly accompanied closely by moving to full bracket, falling punches on Edwards to the final minute of this fight, but unable to locate an opening to pull on the victory away from him.  

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Edwards made no secret of their future plans.

“I’m to a seven-fight win streak currently in the toughest branch in this game. I want the winner of this ( London) main-event; that’s my fight. I don’t understand why they got here. I must be Top 5 today,” he also told Dan Hardy.