Sulecki, 2-9, won the struggle by the dozens 95-91, 95-93 and also 95-91. News 2-4 scored it 95-91 for Sulecki. Rosado was knocked down in rounds one and eight by big-shots from Sulecki. From the ninth round, Rosado seriously hurt Sulecki in dropping him with a highly effective left-right combination. After Sulecki got back to his feet, Rosado struck on him with some shots while he had been holding on him. Sulecki then struck on the deck contrary to the accumulation of shots. The round ended soon after Sulecki got back to his feet, which prevented Rosado from finishing him off. As badly injured as Sulecki, he likely could have been ceased. One thing though. The punches that Rosado was hitting on Sulecki with to produce the next knockdown of the round proved mostly rabbit punches to the rear of his head. The referee might have arguably waived off the knock-down because of the shots being bunny punches instead of shots to the legal part of Sulecki’s mind.

It had been dumb,” Sulecki said in describing he had been knocked down in the ninth by Rosado. “I chose to struggle instead of box. This really proved to be a very terrible struggle. I lost concentration. I’m ready,” Sulecki stated.

The win for Sulecki most likely means he’ll be challenging Planet Organization middle weight champion Demetrius Andrade (27-0, 17 KOs) at June on in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Andrade was temporarily commentary for to night, and he stated that he would have a simple time shooting his shots against Sulecki, as well as Rosado.

“I thought I turned it around from the middle rounds,” Rosado stated. “I thought I shut it by the time I got into the round. I thought I won. It’s hard to understand.

Rosado did actually be having trouble coming to terms with his loss to night. The reality he appeared to lose rounds 1 to Sulecki. Even though Rosado did an outstanding job of trying to win the the 9th and 10th rounds, then he didn’t sufficient to win some one of their first eight rounds. Sulecki was plainly the finest fighter in rounds 1-8. Even though Rosado showed a lot of heart in coming back to knock Sulecki down two in round nine, one of the knock downs probably should have been waived off by the referee as a result of Rosado landing a string of bunny punches which helped him score that the next knockdown. There appeared to be three if four bunny shots from Rosado which led to Sulecki going right down for the next time from the united states.

Luke Campbell vs. Adrian Young — RESULTS

#1 WBC lightweight contender Luke Campbell (20-2, 16 KOs) defeated a game but limited journeyman Adrian Young (26-6-2, 20 KOs) with way of a fifth round knockout at a stay busy struggle for him. Campbell dropped a bloody and battered the 26-year-old Youthful at the fourth round. From the fifth, Campbell continued going to Young at will with shots, boosting referee Eric Dali to step into to halt the struggle. The state time of the stoppage was 1:37. Campbell’s win keeps him able to battle for a domain either against WBC champion Mikey Garcia or one of the greatest contenders if he elects to vacate his WBC title after Saturday night’s fight with Spence. With the major money that Mikey Garcia is expected to create against Spence, it may be trying for Mikey to return back down to lightweight soon and struggle for less money against Campbell, that isn’t even a celebrity inside the U.S. Garcia vs. Campbell wouldn’t even be quite a huge struggle.

Earning his pro debut, featherweight Raymond Ford (1-0) used his blazing hand speed to conquer journeyman Weusi Johnson (3-11) with way of a 4 round unanimous decision. The dozens were 39-36, 39-36 and 39-36. The southpaw Ford knocked Johnson down at the first round. However, Ford was not able to hurt Johnson again at the struggle.

vs. Silverio Ortiz — RESULTS

2016 Olympic gold medalist and welterweight prospect (6-0, 3 KOs) acquired a rougher than expected eight round unanimous decision over journeyman Silverio Ortiz (37-24, 18 KOs). The score were 79-70, 79-71 and also 79-71. News 2-4 scored it for the 28-year-old southpaw Yeleussinov by the score 79-71. Yeleussinov came to being disqualified from the seventh round after knocking on the 36-year-old Ortiz down with a left-right to the head when he had been trapped against the ropes. Yeleussinov struck Ortiz about the rear of his throat while he had been down to the picture on all fours. The shooter hurt Ortiz defectively, and he put on the picture holding the back of his throat for a very long time period whilst the ringside physician and poet checked him on. Yeleussinov was penalized one point for hitting Ortiz while he had been down to the picture. Had Ortiz been hurt to carry on, Yeleussinov would have been disqualified for his filthy in hitting on him while he was down. Ortiz landed the larger, and cleaner shooting shots that the entire fight. He wasn’t even as busy as Yeleussinov, also that prevented him from winning. The operation by Yeleussinov raises a lot of questions whether he has the punching power, defense and also the induce immunity for him to compete at the highest levels of their welterweight division. Ortiz buzzed Yeleussinov onto a couple of occasions along with his shots. However, more debilitating than that was easily Ortiz was in a position going to Yeleussinov. He had been hitting on the fighter with almost whatever he threw from the struggle. Had this been a larger puncher such as Keith Thurman, ., , Danny Garcia or even Terence Crawford, Yeleussinov likely would have been knocked out. The welterweight branch may not be considered a fantastic fit for Yeleussinov. He would do better if he can move right down to 140 to vie against poorer punchers than the inventors he’ll be coping at the welterweight division. Yeleussinov was a good amateur, however it’SA great deal rougher at the expert level than that which he experienced being a amateur.

The dozens were 96-92, 95-93 for Sparrow, also 94-94. News 2-4 scored it 95-93.

The fight was stopped by referee Eric Dali in 2:11 of around 5.