Lewis Hamilton headed a Mercedes onetwo in Melbourne, beating team mate to stick by just a tenth as lapped 0.7therefore slower at the guide Ferrari.

Vettel had emerged from preseason testing whilst the benchmark and was asserting was that the team to beat on the eve of the season .

Wolff said:”whenever we arrived at and struck the road running Friday it was difficult to really know exactly what to expect — if we were quickest or not speediest, or if it’d be very close.

“And we all had an excellent Friday. We didn’t trust it completely, and the car was just good today.

“It’s just all the work that’s gone since we started testing and the analysis simply because that put a car on track that was quite fast.

“However, it wasn’t the easiest of starts in and we can not estimate yet if it was a little outlier because Melbourne is different or if broadly speaking we’ve got a car that is as fast as it looks or seems today.”

Wolff said ’ performance demonstrates that the car is fast but it has to understand why it was competent to unlock this level of pace, after Hamilton and Bottas voiced their surprise in their speed after qualifying.

Last week, Hamilton qualified on pole using a 0.6s advantage over however Vettel won the race and proceeded to have the faster car during the upcoming few grands prix.

Inspired by Motorsport.com if he’d be disappointed if failed to continue like this, or when it’d rationalise the operation “I would like to continue in this way of course, however I really actually don’t think this is exactly what we can anticipate.

“I believe that the championship is going to be equally fought over like it was past year.

“Just because we had a very good Friday and a great Saturday at Melbourne, it willn’t mean this will be considered a home run for the championship.

“to the contrary, we shall – like this past year – need to stretch ourselves into the maximum and really leave no stone unturned, just like we did after to keep ourselves competitive at the way we’ve been today.”

introduced a major aerodynamic package in the next week of testing however it was not until the final afternoon at Spain that Wolff said he saw light at the end of the tunnel.

“We’re tinkering with the car so as to understand when it was performing, the way that it was performing,” said Wolff.

“Then on Friday when we started that the very first genuine low-fuel runs the car was we were both fast with , and we felt there was an up side from that point.”


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