Because being the first car out would likely create the slowest rate in the draft, none of the final round competitors wanted to leave pit road .

The result? Each of them left so late that no one made it around to take the green flag until the five-minute clock died, which left none of their 12 with your final round qualifying rate. The field had been set for Sunday based on Round two results.

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Here’s a sampling of post-qualifying remarks:

“This really is actually the merchandise of the environment we have been in. We’re very dependent on submitting a great lap based on the draft which you just get. You’re in that box and it is really stressful trying to figure out when to leave pit road and what position to put yourself you could ’t be the lead car. The lead car is at this disadvantage. ”

“It’s just the way it really is. It’s such a huge place and you also don’t desire to become the first person to go as you are getting to qualify last in the round. We have close to the time we had to really go and we only didn’t create it. We had the truck bargain three or four decades ago and they moved far from it and now we return to doing it and running in the very same issues. That is exactly how it is. ”

“You know, I’ve experienced it in different sports but not found it . We simply got booed and it is disappointing. It’s unsatisfactory for everyone involved. I actually don’t know. I saw that forthcoming three weeks past. I believe we did. Regrettably we are going to have to be reactive to it instead of proactive. It’s but a learning process. The whole package is. Everyone knows that moving in and everybody has ever been patient but I am only just a little out of patience using Fridays. ”

“It has nothing to do with the competitors. Don’t hate the players, hate the game. … You can’t be the first choice. In the event you’re the leader, you don’t qualify in advance. It’s definitely going to be about who can work out the time from leaving pit road to coming back to having the ability to take the flag with the time running out to everybody else behind them. ”

Matt DiBenedetto

“Just frustration, not at our guys. Our guys do just work off their tails and offer me a good Camry. That’so fun, however I must express thanks to everybody here and all of individuals that offer me this prospect, nevertheless the problem I don’t love losing my mind every week . ”

Chase Elliott

“Clearly no one wants to become the first guy therefore it’s unfortunate. I don’t know exactly what the fix is. I feel as it’so fun with us moving on the market and drafting and attempting to set up that gap to complete it right. It’s only demanding because no one wants to become the first one. And of course you’re not going to really go in the event that you’re going to be first. ”

“I don’t know what else you are able to do as the lead car is at this disadvantage . Not in the race as much, but undoubtedly in qualifying, you don’t want to become first when you don’t want to be first, it is going to be considered a waiting game no matter what. ”

“” We all do the best that we could to try to put ourselves in the best position plus it had been a couple today. There were fresh rules that I didn’t know about. I didn’t realize that in case the caution arrived you can finish your own lap. I let off and didn’t get my lap from the first round. I didn’t understand which was a guideline. I didn’t know you might have five or four lanes in pit road . I heard a lot today. ”

Daniel Hemric

“It had been absolutely hectic. The whole format is nuts. We only sort of find ourselves onto the back end of a draft which put us sidebyside racing cars and ’therefore not ideal for those who ’re trying to conduct a fast lap. ”

Jimmie Johnson

“I understand why individuals ’re inside this carton. Single car qualifying isn’t all that enjoyable. So, I guess we’ll only have to see what the opinion is out of that and go with the lesser of the two evils within the long run. ”

Ryan Newman

“” I really don’t believe was a very successful use of television time because of our sponsors. I told you back in nevada that I am still a massive fan of single-car qualifying. This really is I need to mention, indeed. That is the manner qualifying ought to really be. Even the gamesmanship that continues, the lack of 100 percent, it is not exactly what qualifying is exactly about. ”


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