A winner says he was pulled from his headlining name defense by the sporting commission — moments before he was about to walk to the cage — due to a positive drug test.

Puerta said he was suspended by the commission indefinitely.

Puerta was set to guard the belt against Gustavo Balart at the main event of this card, that happened in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and aired live on Fight Pass. Co O told MMA Struggling the commission told him of the fight being pinpointed from the fourth round of the co-main function.

Puerta said he was administered that a urine test about an before the scheduled fight and also the consequences apparently came back rapidly.

McMahon addressed the gathered crowd at Xtreme Action Park as well as the viewers at home in the cage after the co-main function. He announced that the most important event was pinpointed, but during that time did not give grounds.

McMahon said the situation was “mind boggling ” and just like nothing he’d seen at more than ten years at MMA. He also thinks that the commission needs to have allowed Puerta fight and adjudicate the case after the actuality. McMahon said the commission has uttered Puerta’s purse as a result of the drug-test collapse, but Balart had been paid his handbag. Puerta will continue being the Titan champ for the time being, McMahon said, since the promotion waits to observe how his case with the commission plays out.

“It’s a unfortunate entity,” McMahon said. “At the end of your afternoon, the fans lost that which was going to be an wonderful fight. Gustavo Balart had an opportunity to become champion. Puerta had the possibility to shield his belt. Everyone loses; no one wins with this particular specific item. At the end of your afternoon, it’s pot. It’s not really just a performance-enhancing medication. Commissions across the nation have been coping with this particular specific issue. Some of the more aggressive commissions have [increased] their own tolerances.

“For Florida to take the position they did is very bothersome for mepersonally. I do believe they generally do a excellent job. I appreciate them. But I think they got that one wrong. I do believe that it has a profound affect on the lot of different individuals. ”

Puerta, 3-1, said he’d eaten cannabidiol (CBD) gummies on Monday and Tuesday being a way to relax during fight week after a tough training camp. He said he supposes that a few of them might have had THC included.

Cannabinoids, the chemical compounds of cannabis, are illegal in-competition under Florida State Commission statutes. Both THC and CBD are all cannabinoids. CBD is widely used in MMA. Puerta also had a CBD company host for this particular scheduled fight, which is a frequent phenomenon recently for fighters.

Florida includes a strict liability when it has to do with cannabinoids — zerotolerance. WADA-accredited labs are not required to record adverse analytical findings below that degree. Puerta stated the Florida commission did not even test for a level, just the existence of the medication.

Puerta said he was shocked when he learned and is “heartbroken” within the situation.

“I cut it up for a lot of folks. I messed it up for me personally, I messed it up for Lex and Titan Hamilton Academical. I messed it up for all. I don’t understand where my career will go after this. I would like to apologize to Titan, and Fight Pass and everyone else who came out to see. I believe as though that I was the most notable flyweight prospect going into this fight. You kind of just get some bad decisions and it goes downhill. ”

Puerta (16-6) won the Titan flyweight title by beating Kazbek Ashimov by third-round entry at Titan 51 at December. The Top Team product owns a victory on Balart, via third-round knockout, from February 2018.


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