Tom Breese wants to make the kind of announcement that ripples during the whole middle weight division in his next outing in 185 pounds when he matches Ian Heinisch in London.

Inside his ancient tenure, fans and media appeared at just how the towering Birmingham native cut down to the welterweight limit.

He also reemerged in 185 pounds after almost two years to the sidelines to bank an emphatic first-round triumph on the famously lasting Aussie, Dan Kelly, in . Having experienced the whole fight camp and competition in a canter, Breese was left wondering why he had waited as long to go up a weight class.

I don’t even have to cut on any weight to be honest. My weight boils very well and I’m filled with calories. I feel much stronger. ”

Since he warmed up back stage at ’s Echo Arena, Breese could feel the huge change in his body compared to his former outings being a welterweight.

The English middle weight declared that his long, lean frame allows him to forego weight reductions into a simpler fashion than different human types. That said, in hindsighthe can’t really understand just why he put his body through the rigmarole of a 30-pound weight reduction up until making the movement to the heavier bracket.

“It depends on what kind of body type you’re. If you’re a shorter, stockier type of guy, maybe you carry a little more fat and you carry a bit more water, so that you definitely can fight at a lower weight class. For some one like me, I’m always very lean, therefore for me to really go and lose 14 or 15 kilos [30-33 pounds] is [mad ],” he clarified.

“I walk around about 90 kilos [198 pounds] so it drops down a little bit. In the exact middle of camp I’m approximately 88 kilos [194 pounds]. I’m very low body fat in this stage because I’m a very tall guy. For me to shed more kilos [nine pounds] for at middle weight, it’s very easy with the training, it just comes naturally.

“Compare this into draining down my body to 77 kilos [170 pounds]. It was ridiculous what I was doing. ”

Fighters like Joanne Calderwood have previously discussed how they felt a need to increase muscle into their bodies after transferring a division, however Breese wouldn’t even h to add extra pounds as it may push back him toward a weight cutting circumstance.

Breese is putting a wonderful emphasis on what he plays from the English funding, claiming that that an exciting showing is a lot more essential than having another success.

It’s about how I triumph more than having the triumph. I want to be exciting and I believe that will open more doors than actually beating him would. ”


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