Breese’s direction supported the story to MMA Struggling following an initial post from Heinisch that said that the British middleweight was forced from the event due to health problems.

The Team Renegade boxer ’s director, Graham Boylan, gave another statement to MMA Struggling briefly after Heinisch brought the advice to light with a post on interpersonal media.

“Our apologies to Ian and team members now have total respect and respect in just how he’s treated this situation,” the statement .

“Tom will be needing sometime to sort things out, ” he ’s an amazing young talent and gets got the full support of both myself as well as his team. We h everyone engaging in tonight’s fights the absolute best of luck and also a big thanks to the for their own understanding. ”

In his societal media article, Heinisch claimed he was still praying for Breese despite his frustrations with the overdue withdrawal.

The article :

“I was 100% ill and emotionally ready for to night I worked so hard with this fight. My coaches, teammates, supervisor, family and sponsors arrived to guide me through this whole process. Regrettably my opponent is moving through several health issues right now and he pulled out of the fight. Even though I am so heart broken and so angry at him. I know God has a bigger plan and that I pray he is okay. Thanks to all of my family, friends, sponsors, director, teammates and coaches that I love you all and I am sorry I won’t even have the capacity to put a show on tonight! Thank you to @mickmaynard2 and the @ for that opportunity I’ll return soon along with much more willing than ever! ”


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