Till, who is coming off of an unsuccessful bid to acquire the welterweight name, faces Masvidal, who has lost two straight, in the main event.

Have a look at the London live blog below.

Round 1: Marc Goddard the third person in the cage to the most important event. No glove signature, Masvidal runs out from his corner looking to get a leg kick and he ends up grabbing Till between your thighs. There’s a pause in the action prior to the match starts proper. Till with a straight left that transmits Masvidal tumbling. He’so trying to recover and scrambling as Till jumps . They’re back to the feet, however that has been initially blood to get Till. Till catches a kick and he trips Masvidal back again. He moves into Masvidal’so guard, Masvidal controls his fingers and kicks Till off of him. Masvidal pitching walks into the body back on the feet. Inside leg kick by Masvidal. Masvidal grabs one leg, then yells punches over the top as Till defends. Till lands another solid lefthand. Masvidal taking yells as he looks to counter tops. Till flicking his right hand on top of Masvidal’s defenses, he then yells forward with a 1-2. Masvidal firing straight back. He gets a left hook to land righton forever ’s chin. 1-2 by Masvidal and Till’s shaking his head. Till gets Masvidal backedup against the fence together with 30 seconds remaining. They different and Till is tagging Masvidal, however, Masvidal keeps moving forward. Action-packed first.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Till.

Round 2: Until harshly working the jab. Masvidal replies with a leg kick and also a counter jab. Masvidal with the 1-2 and he chooses a casual eye there’s a break in the activity. Masvidal rushes in for the take down and he instantly searches for rear control, Till simply powers up. They’re against the crate, Masvidal with dual underhooks. Till gets off the crate and absorbs a couple of hooks out of Masvidal. Good jab by telling. Masvidal pitching pins then a body kick. Till goes for a lefthand but misses and eats a number counter-punches. Till enters with a perfect hook this time and scores. Huge 1-2 combination by Masvidal lands close to the button and lightly strikes the mat like a rock. He is out cold.

Official end result:


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