Molly McCann wasn’t about to let her home court advantage go to waste.

The -based flyweight was pumped to be fighting in the U.K. on Saturday, and that was bad news for competitor Priscila Cachoeira.

McCann held her against a striker, ruled when the fight hit the ground, and then gutted her way through a possible orbital fracture at the third round en route to a unanimous decision.

“Honestly I’ve been through hell and back as the previous fight,” McCann said later becoming the first English woman to gain some fight. “I needed to allow a performance you’d be proud of. ”

From the opening round, both competitors arrived , as Cachoeira landed but McCann replied with countertops. Later in the round, McCann scored a take down and then proceeded to work hunting for submissions. Following a sneeze attempt wasn’t quite placed directly, McCann flocked into a triangle after which an armbar effort.

The second round saw McCann pickup the pace and find the higher end of this striking. From the third, Cachoeira landed a right which appeared to create an orbital bone injury since McCann’s eye swelled virtually closed.

Cachoeira poured objects on, and at the final minute, the referee called time out therefore that the doctor could check McCann out. A doctor took a look with an eye completely swollen shut and judged McCann fit to continue, as the fight went the distance.

With the victory, McCann (8-3) awakened a loss within her introduction and won for the seventh time in her past eight coicts.


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