The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is”amazed” with a complaint filed with the women’s national team at a row over equal pay and working situations.

Each of 28 squad members filed a discrimination lawsuit, advocating the promotion of gender equality.

President Carlos Cordeiro met a number of players to talk concerns.

“US Soccer believes that all female athletes deserve just and equitable cover,” a USSF statement said.

“We attempt to fulfill this core value whatsoever instances,” the announcement added. “US Soccer has been and continues to be a winner for women’s soccer at the United States and around the international stage.”

Cordeiro maintained an”open, professional and respectful” talk with a few players Wednesday to comprehend their concerns, adding they will”continue to work together to resolve this thing”.

The body also gave examples where US Soccer has pledged to assist the women’s national team, mentioning a just and equitable collective bargaining agreement which was agreed between both parties in April 2017.

The agreement included a contract arrangement requested specifically by allowing players to let them have a guaranteed wages and benefits.

Cordeiro added US Soccer has”provided the absolute best resources to the team and its team, and advance the women’s game on the industry and at the marketplace”, strengthening their”devotion and fire” in its service both today and at the long-term future.

“As we started to examine the lawsuitwe thought it was crucial to reach out to team leaders to understand their thoughts and concerns.

“While we believe the present agreement is just and equitable, we are devoted to working together with your USWNT understanding and players where they believe improvement is needed”

The US have won the Women’s World Cup three times – at the inaugural 1991 championship in China, the 1999 event hosted with the US and then in four decades back.


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