With the Grove-based outfit stuck into the bottom of the time sheets throughout the n GP weekend — 1.3 minutes adrift of the next slowest car in Deadly — the club knows it’s a mountain to scale to create progress.

But speaking after qualifying Melbourne, Russell explained the team has got to the bottom of a major dilemma with the automobile which could provide it with a decent advance in form.

“There’s just one fundamental which I really don’t want to discuss publicly,” said Russell, that can start 19th for the F1 season opener.

“We know exactly what that is, however it willn’t mean we could wake up to Monday morning and fix it.

“to improve something so fundamental will require months of development, work at the simulation and designers training how to accomplish this, and that is what needs to be done right now.

“Regrettably we’re looking at quite a few races until we are going to be able to fight, and that is where we all are at the moment.”

Wondering how large a leap forward that shift can send, Russell said:”I think as we’ve resolved that fundamental there will be a significant leap.

“We will probably still be at the back of the grid, but with the chance to fight in the place of like it is at the moment. The fact is we have no some hope since we’re too much .”

While Russell is hopeful this type of turn around might be delivered at any time, teammate wasn’t getting too worked up about the potential.

Asked if he thought a remedy could possibly be ready in a month or two, Kubica said:”I really don’t want to put numbers [on it] because I presume we knew even sooner the thing that was a fundamental issue of the automobile, and also for year it stays pretty much the same.

“We are all at a line with feelings, together with where we need to work. But probably because I am more experienced, I won’t ever say it will take a few months.

“No one knows. I expect it will take only a few months, however as I mentioned, I cannot declare . I do not understand.”

Although Russell is eager for the group to move forward as quickly as possible, he says he was fairly happy with what he had handled in his early F1 qualifying session

“All three laps at Q1 I grabbed the line having a smile in my head, and felt as though I received the maximum from it,” he explained. “But clearly complete we need more than this and clearly I need to be at the car longer than simply the first 18 minutes of Q1.”

Asked if today was the first time he had found the limitation of the , he explained:”I presume I was probably at 99%, however today I think which has been our highest potential. Positively or negatively I presume.

“Positively in the sense from my side and my engineers, we all did our occupation that has been obtain the most from the package we have, in order which has been very satisfying.

“But of course this is the very first race, along with the principal job today is to really help the team know the flaws and how to move forward, because I’ve got no interest infighting Robert for 19th place. You want to come with each other to push the team forward.”


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