Arreola, 38, fell Augustin with a enormous left hook to the mind in the third round. After Augustin, 31, got back to his feet, Arreola drove him to the ropes and then unloaded on him with a little flurry of all ramrod shots to the mind one after another until the referee Neal Young stopped in and then waived off the contest. The official period of the stoppage was at 2:03 of around three.

It was a good operation for Arreola, who won his second fight of his comeback. Arreola was outside of from 20-16 to 2018. He returned and stopped Maurenzo Smith from the sixth round last December. Arreola’s hitting power is nearly as good as it was. He’s the exact guy that lost to former heavyweight champion by way of a 10th round stoppage 10 years past in ’09, but he’s a big puncher, and dangerous for anybody at the heavyweight division if he lands his own enormous shots.

In one, Arreola arrived on the scene appearing to land a big knockout shot. He was moving wildly, and missing Augustin. Arreola walked in to a couple hard jabs out of Augustin, however it didn’t even slow him up a bit. Near the close of the round, Arreola connected with a left hook which seemed to stagger Augustin. The shot made it crystal very clear that this fight was not going to last long. Augustin didn’t even hold the punch immunity of the defense to be in the ring using a puncher like Arreola.

From the second circular, Augustin landed some fine shots which got the interest of Arreola. It didn’t even slow Arreola up though. He kept plodding forward swinging with right hands and left hooks, looking to shoot Augustin out. The round was close.

Arreola hurt Augustin at the beginning of round three after hitting him with a stiff jab that jolt him seriously. Arreola remained calm, and moments after, he connected with a clean left hook which sent Augustin down. While he was starting to return, Arreola connected with another wonderful hook permanently measure to hurry him downward. A badly injured Augustin got back again to his feet, and was immediately trapped against the ropes Arreola. Augustin tried to cover up, however, he ate a gorgeous left-right combination from Arreola who had him appearing out on his own feet.

The win for Arreola now puts him straight in the title graphic. He’s got a ways to go, but he’s a viable solution for one of those heavyweight world champions on account of his name recognition with all the casual and hardcore fans. A name shot against Joshua will be perfect to get Arreola, because there’s lots of money he can make fighting him.

In terms of Arreola’s next fight, it would be wonderful to see him fight a third match against Bermane Stiverne. Arreola lost twice to Stiverne four decades back, but a whole lot has changed since then. Stiverne is becoming old, and isn’t the identical fighter he was back then. Arreola that fought tonight could have an excellent probability of beating the Stiverne we watched recently becoming halted by .

Charles Martin vs. Gregory Corbin — RESULTS

Former heavyweight champion Charles Martin (26-2-1, 23 KOs) defeated Greogory Corbin (15-1, 9 KOs) by a round stoppage. Corbin was disqualified due to him personally throwing low blows. Corbin has been penalized three separate times in the fight for low blows.

Corbin had a point deducted earlier in the day in the fight in the fourth for a low discount.

From the 5th, Corbin lost another point for a low discount. At the first day, Corbin once again experienced a point deducted for a low discount. It was pretty clear after the third point deduction which Corbin was skating on thin ice. If he didn’t even stop throwing shots to the midsection altogether, he was going to wind up receiving disqualified. From the eighth round the referee finally had found enough, and stopped that the fight afterwards Corbin landed still another low blow.

Martin is better compared to this. He also wants to be confronting quality resistance as opposed to wasting time on prospects with limited talent, and that don’t even be long fighting with someone of his class level.

Since that defeat, Martin has won out three of his past 4 fights. Moving in to tonight’s fight with Corbin, Martin had lost his previous contest against the hardhitting Adam Kownacki past September by way of a detailed 10-round decision. Martin got struck too much by Kownacki for him personally to find the decision.


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