News 2 4 believed it 120-107.

Garcia fought in a survival mode for 1-2 rounds, rather than really put much of an attempt to take the fight into the winner Spence. This was disappointing to see.

Spence commanded the struggle with his long reach and his powerful jab from the first eight rounds. He focused on just the 5’6″ Mikey, also he had been quite effective fighting such a manner. From rounds 9 through 12, Spence turned up it a notch and began to give Garcia a real beating, and it had been hard to see due to the one-sided nature of this. Mikey did an outstanding job of blocking a lot of the punches that Spence threw, however there is so many shots that he had been projecting, it had been hopeless for each of the cries to be obstructed. Spence landed plenty of body shots from the tournament rounds that Garcia had been forced to take.

Mikey’s best rounds have been the first and fifth rounds, but still was out-hit by the bigger, stronger Spence.

When there’no criticism it is possible to make about Spence’s performance tonight was relaxed he had been. He fought Mikey in the exact same manner he’d Lamont Peterson last year. Spence did actually simply take it easy on Peterson in half the seven rounds before he had been pulled out after the seventh. It looked in certain ways like Spence was taking Mikey, and not going for the knock out to finish him off how he could have.

After this performance, it renders Mikey without other choice except to move back down to light weight. He’s clearly too small to vie against welterweights. It would have been exactly the exact same effect if Mikey had fought some of the additional top welterweights branch. It might have been worse, as guys like , Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford and Manny Pacquiao would have looked to knockout Mikey rather than toying with him how Spence had been doing. Mikey can look at the replay of his performance and also do the perfect thing by moving back down to light weight, and also then take his chances against .


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