From Allan Fox: . looked out of this world good in carrying Mikey Garcia to school in giving him a one-sided beating for 12 rounds in a struggle that was much more one-sided that fans thought it’d be. By the time it had been finished, Mikey looked just like he some guy who’d thought to the wrong ring to manage an angry lion, who wanted to tear him apart. Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) wasn’t playing .

You would be hard pressed to offer Mikey even one round at the struggle, considering how commanding Spence was. It’s not for lack of wanting that Mikey wasn’t even abe to compete. He had been trying hard, but he had the incorrect way to fight against a massive volume puncher like Spence. Mikey never been famous for having a high punch output. With his kind of hitting power, he never needed to throw plenty of shots to secure his struggles in the weight classes, but against Spence, Mikey had to throw more cries to remain competitive, and he had been incapable of adapting his game .

Spence, 2-9, withdrew 1,082 punches, landing 345 with a connect percent of 32%, based on CompuBox’so stats. What was notable about those numbers is many of the punches that Spence threw came in the championship rounds [9 through 12]. Spence turned up it a notch rounds 9 12, and withdrew nonstop shots, and Mikey had been rsquo;t prepared for that kind of a high volume offense. Mikey landed only 75 of 406 cries to get an 18% connect percent. After a fighter only lands 75 punches throughout an full 12 round struggle, it demonstrates to you the way out classed they were. Garcia’s anemic output made it challenging to watch the struggle in the past four weeks, when Spence began to hit him with everything but the kitchen sink. Mikey was only covering up and casting solitary shots while Spence had been hitting him with machinegun cries that didn’t even have a whole lot of power on them. Spence was only focusing on connecting, and also his thick hands made his shots bruising.

Garcia admits his trainer/brother Robert Garcia wanted to yank the plug in on the struggle in the championship rounds when the competition became horribly one-sided.

“He didn’t even desire to allow me to get hit on more, but I told him I was nice and I tried to go out there and pull it off. I presumed I really could have got one good shot to change everything, but I wasn’t even prepared to land it. ”

Mikey captured the interest of Spence on several occasions with big punches that snapped his head back when he had been coming forward within the past few rounds. However, Spence wasn’t even going to be discouraged. He chose to surge forward like giant tsunami, and was assaulting Garcia in massive waves using backpacks that were nonstop. Spence would back for another to get a brief break down, and would come forward again with another wave of nonstop punches. The single thing Mikey could do during those strikes was pay up and decide to try and land a big shot between, which he did but it wasn’t enough to create Spence stop assaulting.

Spence won around both judges’ scorecards by the dozens 120-107, 120-108 and 120-108. 1 judge scored a 10-8 round for the ninth, which saw Spence unload on a wilting Mikey in hurling over 130 punches together with many of them landing. The round had been indeed one-sided it had been a surprise that Mikey’s trainer Robert Garcia didn’t even give up as Mikey was getting hit with massive punches during the entire round.

47,525 fans were available to watch Spence thrash Garcia, 31, from beginning to finish in throwing a lopsided shut out of the four branch world champion. Spence, 2-9, didn’t even want the cheering from the crowd for him to really go after Mikey having a look of somebody who wanted to get a statement. Need less to saythis is one of Spence’s easier title defenses. The single good things you can say about Mikey after seeing this battle was his ability take plenty of shots without even moving down, and the power he showed late in the struggle. Mikey’s power was not there.

“He’s broken records before, he’s a legend in the sport, and it’d be my honor to fight him next,” Spence said in challenging former eight branch world champion Manny Pacquiao after the struggle. Pacquiao had come right into the ring simply to simply accept a challenge from Spence, so that made things a lot easier.

“Yeswhy not? We’ll give the fans a good struggle,” said Pacquiao inside the ring in accepting Spence’s challenge. ”

Pacquiao is going to generate a great deal of money fighting Spence if the struggle is made. Manny was attempting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to manage him , but he’s not been eager to manage him an additional time since he defeated the Filipino celebrity by a 12 round unanimous decision four decades ago in 2015.

You’ve must sacrifice Mikey Garcia plenty of admiration for him moving two weight classes to manage what many fans believe might be the better fighter in the welterweight division in Spence last night. If anything, it appeared to be Spence was the more worn fighter out of the to at the last bell in round 12. Spence had drained his gas tank entirely in the championship rounds in pitching ton of punches seeking to knock out Garcia, and then he couldn’t even do it. The size advantage that Spence had coupled together with his high work rate and great power made it feasible for Mikey to pull off the mad last night.


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