Leclerc, which makes his debut, captured his four-time world champion teammate in the final phases of the grand prix.

He asked if he should stay behind Vettel, who had been about older tyres, also had been told”yes, also back to have a margin”.

Recognizing why Vettel was fighting so much compared to Leclerc,” team principal said:”After Seb pitted, put the medium tyres on, he did not have the traction he had been expecting.

“And he had been attacked by [Max] Verstappen, was in the position to keep his position track. Thus, we chose to create the car home. He had been also managing the tyres to the end.

“I presume 10 laps to the finish, we chose never to take some risks and hold places, attract the cars dwelling and score points.”

In pre-season, brand fresh team manager Binotto had made it evident Vettel wouldbe prioritised early in the season when the situation took place, as he is ’s initial title attention.

But Binotto said teaching their drivers to carry standing in Melbourne was “difficult” nor a”decision” that had to produce, because it didn’t seem sensible to let them risk fighting as it wasn’t for the triumph.

“As I said,” Sebastian was managing his own pace as a result of poor grip, also bringing the car home,” he added.

They were not fighting for the very first position.”

Leclerc wound up on the grass on the exit of the corner after being accidentally squeezed by Vettel, who he had tried to pass on the outside.

Risk-management was likee why chose not to pit Leclerc, that had a massive advantage over sixth-placed , also put him fresh tyres to push for fastest lap.

“I think at that point, if you pit it could be a risk,” explained Binotto. “It had been important for us to create the car home, score the points.

“Occasionally races where you’re maybe not the very best, it’s still important to score points.

“This has been our pick. We will review the race eventually the decision, however, it was for this explanation.”

Leclerc said he pushed to get the incentive point for fastest lap anyway, on his present tyres, but recognized that race winner and eventual fastest lap earner was overly fast.

“We attempted the very final lap but clearly [it] had not been enough, by a long time,” said Leclerc.

“I don’t believe we desired to take the risk todo a pitstop. There are a great deal of risks having a pit stop of course and we just needed to finish this race wash.

“I tried myself but it was not enough by quite a large margin.”

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF90 runs wide

, SF90 runs wide


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