Coach states Wales Want to stay beneath the Phrase Cup radar despite winning the Grand Slam.

Gatland won an third Six Nations clean sweep at his final championship accountable of Wales and he’ll finish his 12-year reign after the World Cup in Japan.

The 25-7 success over Ireland has been a 14 th successive win for Wales who are currently 2nd in the world ranks behind newzealand.

“we all know on our day we can beat great teams.

“These boys instruct exceptionally hard and they will run through a brick wall to you.

“It’s may be exactly the same for your own training team. We’re extremely closeknit. Hopefully with a little bit of chance without any injuries we can go to Japan in good spirits.”

Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones confessed after the game his side will now have a target on the backs however, Gatland considers his side can cope with that pressure.

“I really actually don’t think that it would make any difference to us,” said Gatland.

“We have only kept our heads down, we will work hard. The younger players come through without a fear and shown real character.”

The team will go back for 2 weeks into the Ss Alps in July into the training base of Fieschthe identical venue they used prior to the 2015 World Cup.

After two warm up training matches against England in August, Gatland will need his side Turkey for the sunshine training.

Wales then reunite to manage Ireland twice before traveling to Japan where they are going to face , Fiji, and Georgia within their group.

“Within our poolif you win, then you maybe do not face the southern hemisphere sides on the road through,” said Gatland.

“Having a little bit of luck, hopefully we do not grab numerous injuries. I am eager for the worldcup because you receive a few months together and you’ll be able to prepare like a club side.

“You can enter a lot of skill development and very nice tune your game. From that viewpoint, we’ll be in fantastic form.

“Within our previous two World Cups, we were certainly one of the fittest teams from the worldcup. We’ll be in good shape for this as well.”


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