Garcia, that was moving up two weight classes out of light weight to welterweight, didn’t have the size to bargain with Spence’so long reach, also he had been wasn’t able to do much when he had been in hitting range.

Spence was using his size to frighten Garcia if they were at close. Although both fighters weren’t far apart concerning weight for the struggle, Spence was stronger because his burden was muscle. Garcia was carrying around extra fat he’d put on.

Mikey intends on sitting down with his dad and his brother Robert Garcia, also come to a determination about his second move along with his career. Mikey says he can stay at welterweight. Exactly what he would do at 147 when he stayed at welterweight will be your huge question.

“I would love to struggle [Vasyl] Lomachenko, but I haven’t my choice to return to 135 only nonetheless,” Garcia said following the struggle. “I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to sit back with my cousin as well as dad, and determine what division I’m going to come back down. Maybe I stay at 147 or come down to 135. But at 135, that is definitely the best fight Lomachenko, also I would love to take on such a struggle,” Garcia stated.

This isn’t exactly the first time that Garcia, 31, has talked about needing to struggle Lomachenko. Garcia has talked of needing to struggle Lomachenko for years, and yet the struggle never happened. Now the only predictor of exactly that which Garcia is going to do later on is what has happened before. As such, if Garcia says he would like to struggle Lomachenko, it’so safe to state that the struggle won’t happen. It’SA much different entity for Garcia to require a loss into a man their own size such as Lomachenko when compared with Garcia moving up in weight for his struggle last Saturday night against Errol Spence.

Lomachenko will probably be hitting his new /WBO light weight titles next month against former winner Anthony Crolla (34-6-3, 13 KOs) on at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, .

Unless Garcia can figure out how exactly to handle Lomachenko’s work rate, ” he ’ll suffer the same fate against him which he’d contrary to Spence by being outworked and losing a wide choice.

“I showed plenty of soul, and now people respect me a lot more for the way I struggled, also for moving up against the very best, and I can state I battled well,” Garcia stated. At one point my cousin said, ‘Perhaps it’s time to call it a night. ’ He didn’t want to watch me get struck, along with my dad also, but I wasn’t hurt any point such as that. I got struck. I got struck with two or three shots,” Garcia stated.

Mikey gained a respect from fans for staying inside for 12 rounds against Spence without bowing out like most people thought he would. A lot of fans thought that Garcia’s trainer Robert Garcia would give in or complain he’therefore injured, and have the struggle ceased. It’so so interesting that Mikey states that Robert wanted the struggle to be stopped, because that would have been a replay of how Robert pulled out him in his struggle with Orlando Salido in 2013 when he started taking punishment in that struggle. Robert complained to the referee which Mikey suffered a busted nose, or so the fight was stopped later round eight. Then it went into the cards, and Mikey has been awarded a eight round technical choice.

The options for Garcia when he remains at welterweight are as follows:

— Manny Pacquiao

— Keith Thurman

— Terence Crawford

— Danny Garcia

Easily the best struggle of the bunch for Garcia is Pacquiao, but that may be a hard struggle for him to get, awarded his loss into Spence, and the fact that Manny has agreed to struggle Spence. But if Mikey can snatch that struggle away from Spence, he then could make a lot of money fighting Pacquiao. Thurman, Porter, Danny Garcia, Khan or even Crawford are good coicts, but maybe not at the same degree as Pacquiao.

All these would be the alternatives for Mikey at 140:

— Regis Prograis

— Jose Carlos Ramirez

— Maurice Hooker

— Ivan Baranchyk

— Josh Taylor

— Kiryl Reikh

Options for Mikey Garcia at 135:

— Vasiliy Lomachenko

— Teofimo Lopez

— Luke Campbell

— Gervonta Davis [in case Mikey can lure him up to 135]

“” I said, ‘no, no, let me continue; let me struggle . “” I felt just like I will land one punch and maybe turn it around.

It’SA great thing which Mikey told Robert not to stop the fight. There’SA large difference in how Mikey could be seen now after losing a 12 round decision to Spence compared to the way he’d be sensed when he’d been pulled out of the struggle in between rounds or whether he was still on his feet fighting. A lot of fans would have believed this was the plan all along with the struggle to let Garcia struggle six to nine rounds and then throw in the towel to prevent him away out of taking too much abuse. To own fans thinking that Robert was about to pull on Mikey out initially sign of trouble would confirm within their minds that the sole motive Mikey took the struggle was to get its money, maybe not because he actually thought he could defeat Spence.


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