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Both fighters are going to find a livelihood high payday. If the struggle does significantly more than 1million buys, a rematch between them will be hard for them to say . Saul Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fought one another in a rematch after their initial struggle hauled in 1 million buys. We could see exactly the very same with Spence and Garcia, but ofcourse it’ll depend on how competitive fight is, and whether the winner will want to manage Manny Pacquiao (61-7-3, 39 KOs) in a pay-per-view struggle in July, and that’s when the Filipino superstar is going to be fighting next.

Pacquiao, 40, is at the stage of his career at which the Spence vs. Garcia winner can’t even afford create him wait. They’ll should fight because the opportunity may possibly be there for those ever again if he retires in near future.

Mikey isn’t even sure that direction he’ll proceed in if he wins the struggle. He could move down to light weight, move to 140 and search for big fights there, or he can remain at 147 and struggle Pacquiao in a unification. Mikey could stay at welterweight and check out face the other winners or he can vacate and move down to 135 to shield his WBC lightweight title against no 1 WBC compulsory Luke Campbell.

The welterweight division is piled. There’s Manny Pacquiao, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia along with . I still don’t even know what I’m going to do after this struggle. I can come down or I can stay here. I’ll see just what the best choice is for me personally. My buddy and father didn’t even want this struggle. You’re able to fight at light or lightweight welterweight,” Mikey explained.

If the struggle will reach 1 million buys, the two of them may walk away with much more cash than their 3 million guaranteed purses. It wouldn’t even be surprising if they ended up with $10 million to their struggle in Arlington, .

Spence has his welterweight strap that the 2 will likely soon be fighting . Mikey, 31, wants to win fifth division entire title. Now Pacquiao is no further with Top Rank , and has been currently signed with PBC, he’s got the chance to fight the likes of Spence,” Garcia, , Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman. Spence and Mikey Garcia would be the sexy hands at the moment, as they’re still in their prime, undefeated and looking sensational. A ring Thurman looked bad recently in struggling to be at Josesito Lopez in his comeback fight last January. Danny Garcia has just lost two out of the last 3 fights. The only guys that are fighting at a higher level at the moment with PBC in 147 is Spence, and Mikey is looking amazing at 135. Pacquiao can’t go wrong in fighting the winner of the Spence vs. Garcia struggle.

“We don’t even know yet who I shall struggle. We didn’t even discuss my opponent for the next struggle, but I can fight anyone. At this time I don’t even have a notion that is my own opponent…I still must speak with Al to ask him about my potential opponents. ”

The simple fact Pacquiao is attending the Spence vs. Garcia fight tonight is really a pretty major indication he’s considering fighting the winner of that struggle. There’s a great deal of money for Pacquiao to make fighting either of those guys. Thurman would be a good choice if he didn’t even seem poor in his last struggle Josesito Lopez last January, if he hadn’t even become inactive. Pacquiao can probably make more money fighting the Spence vs. Garcia winner than in facing Thurman, Danny Garcia or . Pacquiao’s boss Al Haymon might choose to Fit Pacquiao contrary to Thurman or Danny Garcia, though. Porter would be a improbable struggle for Pacquiao, due to his ’s coming off of a contentious win over Yordenis Ugas.

Pacquiao want to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a rematch, but he’s now retired, and perhaps maybe not speaking about wanting to come back to the ring to fight in a professional game. If Pacquiao is seeking the most important payday from an abysmal welterweight, then the winner of tonight’s fight between Spence and Garcia is your way to go to get Manny. ” That would obviously be Spence or Mikey Garcia.

“I’ve all the tools and all of the relevant skills required to overcome ,” Garcia explained. “When it comes to timing, speed, reflexes and defense, you name it, I’theres better. ”

Mikey has conquered best in through recent years. There’s nothing that Spence will reveal him tonight that he hasn’t seen before during his livelihood, However, with that said, Mikey hasn’t even scrapped a guy with exactly the same size and punching power that Spence possesses. The shots that Mikey has been struck with before in the past from smaller guys could possibly be much more hurtful with Spence function as sole that’s landing them tonight. Mikey may not have the capacity to deal with those shots too. Mikey’s punching power has become the factor supporting his wins. If they is able to ’t even hurt Spence together with his finest shots tonight, then then it’s going to get really interesting. Mikey can’t even let Spence struck on him for 12 rounds, so he’ll need nullify his crime by employing movement and clinching to tie him up. This ’s much easier said than done. Spence cuts off the ring well and then he ’s too powerful to tie him up always to stop him from getting off his shots. Mikey has amazing abilities, but if they can’t even keep Spence from him, it’s going to be a very long night. Mikey will have to use upper body movement, along with his quick hands to land the cleaner shots. He could acquire rounds that manner by landing the better shots, but it’s going to be hard for him to stay in there to get the full 12 rounds if Spence is able to land his big pitches.


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