’s bounced awkwardly on a gutter on the jog to tt 1 once he fell his right-hand wheels on the grass in a reaction to your slow-starting .

The impact tore front wing off his vehicle, immediately dashing any hopes of a decent result on home land for the Aussie.

Perhaps not predicted to come across a gun effective at causing significant damage, chalked the incident up as awful luck.

“personally I think that has been pretty unfortunate,” he explained. “I simply put two wheels in [the grass] and the next thing there is a large gutter there, or else gutter ditch, which I do not feel is on a number of different places.”

Despite replays suggesting that there could have been room enough adjacent to Perez to avoid running off-track, defended his decision to make use of the grass.

“Sergio’s start wasn’t fantastic. I had a small streak,” he explained.

“He left only a little flinch, but if it happens that quick, you see him proceed, therefore I moved, then he straightened , and the next thing I’m on the grass.

“But you never know how much he’s going to move. Because he was still in front at the time, you merely follow with his original reaction.

“That second one simply put my wrists from the grass. As soon as I hit the grass, I wasn’t actually too concerned. I thought I would just push it and I thought I had enough momentum to stay along with him.

“But of course that ditch was still there, and then this has been it”

carried on afterwards opting to get a new front wing, but still wound upon the DNFs list after being called into the garage from his team.

He says he’s still not sure why the car was retired, but his original concern the team was”playing it safe” has made method for worries that there might be ongoing problems.

“I still don’t understand, to be honest,” he explained.

“I really do believe we have a issue, I don’t think it was playing with safe. I thought it was, but we had a few problems, so I expect it’s much greater than that”


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