dominated the season-opening after over-taking world winner team-mate .

The Finn took the lead at the beginning from Hamilton, who made a slow escape from pole position, and even took the new bonus point for the fastest lap.

Hamilton was left much behind, and had to pay attention to holding off Red Bull’s for next location.

Verstappen passed Sebastian Vettel for third to a day for Ferrari.

“Are we so slow?” Vettel asked his team at two-thirds space. “We don’t understand at the moment,” came the reply. It was an exchange which summed up Ferrari’s whole weekend.


A distinct creature

arrived at Melbourne believing they certainly were at highest degree with Ferrari on pace – and also might possibly be just as much as half a second per lap behind.

But they dominated the weekend by the away, while Ferrari struggled, and so were lost for answers regarding why.

Bottas chose a clear sweep of this race and has been comfortably able to grab the extra point that has been introduced this season for its driver that puts fastest lap, underlining his performance by simply siphoned away Hamilton’s own attempt to grab the purpose.

The Finn, who had a difficult season in 2018 failing to win a race as Hamilton took 1-1 successes and also the title, was determined to bounce back this season and signalled his intent to get the fight to Hamilton and also be described as a title contender this season with a masterful performance.

He’d pulled a 3.8-second lead on Hamilton at that time stopped the world winner on lap 1-5 in a reaction to Vettel’s early pit stop a lap before.

Bottas continued for a second 10 laps before his stop, and at that time he was more than 12 seconds before Hamilton.

Hamilton and Vettel’s struggles

The five-time winner was complaining about his tyres, saying he was concerned they could not endure the race. They did, however, he was out of this fight for its lead.

Hamilton had Vettel within two seconds of him later Bottas’ stop, however, the German was soon under pressure from Verstappen, who like Bottas had delayed his very first stop.

Verstappen passed Vettel on the exterior to Flip Three laps after his stop and also place after Hamilton, however, was not able to battle. An all-time minute with nine laps to proceed ended Verstappen’s challenge.

Vettel, meanwhile, began to come under pressure from team-mate .

The Monegasque had made two or three small errors early in his Ferrari debut, however thanks to a late stop he was on fresher tyres than Vettel for its next half of the race and he closed a 12-second lead in roughly 20 laps and had been around Vettel’s tail in the closing laps.

Vettel had said ahead of the weekend they were free to race but Leclerc appeared to back once he had closed on his team-mate.

Smoke comes out of Carlos Sainz's McLaren

How about the British rookies?

McLaren’s Lando Norris had started a great eighth for McLaren however he finished out of the things after a frustrating race.

He lost a couple of places on the very first lap after which got stuck in a train of cars after his pit stop and finished 13th.

Alexander Albon, who races under a Thai license but had been created in London, was 14th in his .

George Russell drove a lonely race in the slow to shoot 16th place, two laps , but he comprehensively out-paced team-mate , that damaged his front wing on the initial lap.

Drivers pay tribute to race director Charlie Whiting


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