As stated by Algieri, the Spence vs. Garcia fight went just because he expected it to. The only thing that played differently compared to that which Algieri imagined was how welterweight champion Spence (25-0, 21 KOs) had been able to limit the previously unbeaten Garcia (39-1 30 KO) to simply 75 punches laded from the entire 12 round fight.

“This sort of went the way I expected,” Algieri said to Fighthype in analyzing the Spence vs. Garcia fight. “You understand that there ’s weight classes because of this. Spence is really a very major guy. But frankly, Spence showed items that I knew he had, but plenty of people probably went. He’s a tech in there. He showed good defense yesterday evening. He maintained Garcia to landing less than 10 punches per round, which for this kind of offensive guy like Mikey, who ’s really impressive. People were shutting him [Mikey] out, saying he wasn’t going in order to compete. He made 1 2 rounds against a murderous puncher, and a guy that quits a great deal of men and women, therefore I give him that,” Algieri stated.

On paper, the 4 division world champion Garcia was designed to have been the best fighter that Spence has ever faced during his seven-year pro career, in reality, Garcia wasn’t as competitive as was in his fight with Spence just two decades ago. Being inches taller, having a more reach, and more weight made Spence too big for Mikey. Even though Mikey did bulk up to the fight, but a lot of the weight that he placed on was based across his midsection. All the strength-training that Mikey did at SNAC was for nothing whatsoever. Some one should’ve done a much better job of counting the calories Garcia was ingesting, also put him a cardio schedule so that the weight that he packed with didn’t windup around his midsection.

Manny Pacquiao could be next in line for Spence to fight.
Algieri doesn’t enjoy Manny’s opportunities against Spence. He sees that as a case of Pacquiao fighting a guy that’s too young, too powerful and too large for him.

He’s an incredible athlete, but I simply got Spence at this point,” Algieri said in talking about who’d win a fight between Pacquiao and Spence in case it happens.

Pacquiao, 5’6 1/2″, is roughly the same size since the 5’6″ Mikey Garcia, also he also ’ll have the very same problems getting to Spence if he chooses to consider the fight. Garcia looked helpless against Spence if he had been fighting him from the outside. It wasn’t before Spence started to strike Garcia in close that he managed to land a few shots. Spence gave Garcia a real thrashing when he begun to press him starting in the ninth round. If Spence does the same task against Pacquiao, it’s possible that he could produce a historical episode. Pacquiao now is easier to hit than Garcia, and his punch immunity isn’t of the same quality.

“My mind on such fight [Spence vs. Crawford]; I’t always thought Spence wins that fight, but the longer hours Crawford spends at welterweight, the longer I’m simply because gap close,” Algieri said in analyzing a possible fight in the future between . and Terence Crawford. “it requires to happen, however, Spence showed some matters last night in terms of his authority and defense that maybe makes that fight even more lean towards Spence,” Algieri stated.


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