The Italian team was considered the early favourite after two very good weeks of testing from Spain, where its rival failed to have to grips using a heavily-updated car before last day.

However, started the Melbourne weekend to the back foot in Friday practice, trailed from 0.7so in qualifying and also its own guide car ended fourth at the race, almost one minute adrift of Mercedes’ race winner Valtteri Bottas.

Asked by in regards to a weekend that didn’t proceed as expected, and also what it’s discovered to explain its own struggles, team leader said:”I think you’re right, it is not what we’re expecting. Winter testing has been absolutely distinct.

“Since Friday FP1 we found the ideal balance in the vehicle and we all struggled against all the tyres.

“We tried different set up approaches during the weekend however I have to say we never reasoned with the right balance.

“[The team was] miserable in qualifying, and when you’re in parc ferme [conditions with no changes enabled before the race] that’s what you have got.

“The operation is simply reflecting that which we had in qualifying too.

“We didn’t find the right balance. We were lacking grip. Did we know yet? Not likely.

“It is something we will need to go back, analyse all of the information and try to check what happened”

and his new teammate had described the vehicle as nimble, responsive and simple to drive a couple weeks ago, however Melbourne’s street circuit can be just a rather distinct challenge to .

It’s really just a lower-grip, slower and bumpier circuit, whereas high ambient and track temperatures set a top on tyre preparation and direction through one lap and above per stint.

The lap also starts with a speedy right-left that demands the motorist to have faith in the vehicle, something Vettel said he lacked all weekend.

It resemblance to the 2018 season-opener, which and Vettel won due of great fortune under the safety car after being beaten in qualifying.

From then on, Vettel qualified to pole at Bahrain and won again, as appeared with the fastest car from the early portion of the growing season.

However, Vettel ignored the comparison, claiming the past year’s struggle in was as a result of a playful back end that demanded to flow understeer into the vehicle.

He explained had afterward improvements inplace for Bahrain, which triggered the turn around.

“The problem has nothing to do with that which we have experienced last 12 months,” he explained.

“Certainly we’re missing something. Right now we don’t have an answer but I’m sure we’ll discover something.

“We know the vehicle is much better than that which we’ve seen, not just now but the whole weekend”


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