Dana White is going to be the surface of the to the near future.

Even the president told Megan Olivi within an interview published Monday into the ’s YouTube station that he has extended his deal with all the promotion for seven years. White’s expansion has seemingly are available in accord with the expanding its distribution agreement with , that now includes pay per view events moving exclusively to ESPN+. The - partnership was five decades, but it has been enlarged to seven, it was announced Monday.

“We’d a five-year deal with them,” White explained. “Today, we’ve got a seven-year deal. So we’re here for just seven decades, will be here for seven decades. And the incredible things that we’r e gonna work I simply can’t inform you how pumped I am for all this stuff. ”

White, 49, started as a part proprietor of the at 2001, when the promotion was purchased from Semaphore Entertainment Group from White’s longtime friends Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta. He had been installed immediately as the company’s outward face and fight promoter.

White reportedly owned 9 percent of Zuffa at that time and he stayed on in his job as president.

“Nobody thinks this business more than I do,”” White explained. “Following the sale, I stayed on and we’ve been working hard for the last 2-1/2 years to take this thing into the next degree. This ’s why I’m . I didn’t stay here — it’s not only about money, it’s not about any of this stuff. I don’t worry for all of this stuff. I love to win and I love to take this thing into another degree, another degree, another degree. Also it’so that which we’t finished and it’so that which we’r e gonna carry on todo. ”

White said that the ’s distribution agreement with will be the largest thing the has been doing in 26 years since a organization.

“Lots of big things happen to us over the years, but once you make it into , you know you’t made it for a game,” White explained. “And right now, when you look at our deal, where we’r e , exactly what we’do, we’r e now one of many top four sport at the USA. We are now one of them. ”

But on his partnership with Emanuel, the widely known former talent agent turned Hollywood entertainment mogul, White was ldquo;perfect,” that isn’t necessarily expected since he had a fantastic relationship with all the Fertittas. White said it had been “almost impossible” yet to have this easy transition “especially once you speak about the egos along with also the money, power and control along with all the things that come along with a company like this. ”

“I would say that the partnership with me and Ari, I do what I do more here,”” White explained. “I possess the vision for where the game is gonna go and what we’r e gont perform and also the different types of fights. And what Ari does, Ari may be the guy who could grab the phone and also get anybody on the phone. And now Ari can raise money like this. ”

“It couldn’t’ve been better timing,” White explained. “Everything worked perfect and for a company which wouldn’t insure us years ago, they now love us so much it’so awesome. But this is what we always wanted. We’do exactly what I believed we could do and what I hoped we would do. It’s every thing me and fas ever wanted. ”


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