The Western manufacturer re joined the F1 grid 2015 but failed to score a top-three finish across three seasons by and then spent last year quietly improving in the midfield with RedBull’s junior team .

Asked when it had been crucial that you find this result early at debt Bull relationship, F1 technical manager Toyoharu Tanabe told”I think yes, [we are] a little bit more enjoyable from the pressure.

“And it’s also an additional motivation for the development. It’s a good result.”

Verstappen caught and handed on the of to finish in third place, and pressured the of Le Hamilton from the closing stages.

While Tanabe confessed that”when you notice that on the TV, it’s fine”, he stressed has to continue to improve as and still have an engine operation advantage.

Tanabe said:”We have some data out of the evaluations and we’ve got something from here.

“We see a very clear gap between the major teams. The podium will not make any shift [to targets or expectations].”

All four -powered cars managed to get to the final in the season opener, together with Daniil Kvyat scoring a point for at 10th.

RedBull’s headline response comprised defeating the s by almost half a minute, but Tanabe said his encouragement was”50/50″.

“We need to think about the operation after [in pre-season testing]they were strong,” he said.

We do not know when we go to again when remains strong.

“It’s a combo of car characteristics, the driver, and the track characteristics.

“It’s difficult to tell where our operation is now. We go to a different place, maybe we have been in a different position.


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