In the place of the traditional morning and afternoon visits to the tank training roads, four intimidating rate evaluations will soon likely be condensed into a spectacular single stay –  two runs of a 10-km Arena Panzerplatte and two passes of the marathon Panzerplatte stage.
The military evaluations will be countered with a dual morning jog across the Freisen and Römerstraßelectronic quests near St Wendel and also a mid-leg service.
Saturday’s modified route has been designed to enable fans to follow more of their action from two distinct locations.
Other Important changes include a new super special to Kick off the event on Thursday night and also a brand fresh Wolf Power Stage to shut the rally on Sunday.  
Thursday’s motorist presentation and start service will occur in the service park on the shores of Bostalsee lake, even before crews handle a short opening St Wendeler Land super special.

Friday’s itinerary includes six stages from the vineyards of the Mosel region. At a repeat of a year ago ’s programme, established evaluations Stein und Wein, Mittelmosel and also Wadern-Weiskirchen will each be conducted twice.
The action moves back to the Mosel on Sunday to get a loop of two phases pushed twice.
The 30km Grafschaft will be followed closely by the yield of the Dhrontal rate test, last run in 2016. The second run of Dhrontal will offer the thrilling bonus point finale while the Wolf Power Stage.


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