Software to establish a new club in the US city of and relocate Hemel Stags Have Been considered by the Football League board.

The plank, that has previously granted a permit to -based Toronto Wolfpack, considers the proposals will”help send the RFL’s vision”.

Hemel withdrew from League One last calendar year, but kept an r-fl licence.

And it has been affirmed that the club holding company was bought out with a Canadian consortium.

However, community team Hemel ARFLC remains unaffected by the shift in ownership, nor does the rental on their Pennine Way ground.

An r-fl statement said the nyc and also Hemel software were”at distinct stages, but a degree of further homework and appraisal is necessary on to ensure that the financial and business plans presented are “.

Members of this consortium will be asked to provide their case to the prevailing Championship and League One nightclubs, from which the RFL will measure the amount of interest.

Toronto’s debut in to the game’s arrangement broke new ground for , which already had a nearby horizon together with clubs and Toulouse comprised.

Under the terms of their place at the group, the Wolfpack usually do not qualify for fundamental funding, therefore owner David Argyle is entirely responsible for financing the venture, for example covering travel costs for member clubs.

already has a place at the American sports landscape, together with clubs in , Jacksonville, Brooklyn and itself.


Eric Perez, the man who was behind the invention of this Toronto Wolfpack, is believed to be behind the bid to re locate League inch side Hemel Stags.

He has previously suggested either Hamilton at or , USA, as possible locations.

The bid comes out of another consortium and it has been from the ether for over 12 weeks but still have plenty of challenges to clean.

Not only will their financial and small business plans be rigorously analyzed, they’ll also need to convince the recent League One and Championship sides that they have some thing to bring to the marijuana.

Both will see Super League because the supreme goal – however there is now a huge question mark hanging over the Super League clubs’ desire for this kind of overseas expansion.


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