Nashville Predators forward Austin Watson has been reinstated from suspension by the match, but the team needed no word on when he’ll come back to the icehockey.

Watson, 27, was suspended indefinitely and admitted into Period 2 of the ’s application for chemical abuse and behavioral health in January.

The suspension has been”related exclusively to his continuing problems with alcohol misuse,” the group and union said afterward in a combined announcement. The suspension was pay.

On Mondaythe Predators published an announcement saying the /PA drug abuse and Behavioral Health Program advocated Watson be”returned to available status” and said that he had”entered the follow-up care phase of the program.”

The Predators did not discharge any information about Watson’s possible come back to play. The team said that its attention was about”Austin and also his family’s wellbeing” and said there could be no further comment.

Watson was suspended for its pre season and the first 18 games of the regular season after pleading no contest to domestic abuse last summer.

He had been detained in Tennessee at a gas station in June and charged with domestic assault against his girl friend.

In a Instagram informative article, he spoke about his struggles with alcoholism, depression and anxiety also said he has coped together since he was 18.

From the article, he explained he was married for almost two years until he began drinking again in May of this past year.

He has spent his entire undercover career together with the Predators, who selected him with the 18th pick in the first round of the 2010 draft.

Advice from The Associated Press was used in this report.


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