Rea, unbeaten in WSBK between 2015 and 2018, had to survive a repeat of the Phillip Island season opener at Buriram, as he ended three races of this weekend moment behind Bautista.

He was in a position to struggle Bautista in the first half Race inch, but eventually ended 8.2s adrift, and was subsequently 10 minutes behind from the 2nd 20-lap race of this weekend.

Rea confessed that the package of Bautista and Ducati is better at the moment, because he is adapting to the truth that he is not the benchmark riders of this series anymore.

“It simply seems that the competition now is a measure in front, therefore it’s motivating to maintain working,” Rea told

“Mentally, it’s just a bit of a different position for me, I won the last 11 races of last season, therefore I’m slowly becoming used to there being a faster guy on track at this time!”

Rea, however, feels he is having the best out of his own Kawasaki ZX-10RR and so believes’he needs to be happy’ along with his results.

“Secondly [place], that is my usual position this season,” Rea joked. “That was our position that this weekend, for sure we could do no longer, Alvaro and Ducati did a very good weekend.

“We got the best of what we could do, I believed I found the best out of the package. We must be happy with your results”

Bautista’s Ducati Panigale V 4 R had superior top speed over the weekend, which made it extremely hard for Rea to battle with all the Spaniard.

“We didn’t really make too much inroads in the races but I felt like the package was powerful, and I used to be in a position to ride in the limitation.

“at the very least I could have a tiny bit of Alvaro’s slipstream from the first hands [in Race 2]I could keep the laptime but once I lost this in the initial two divides I had been gone and then I simply managed my own race.

“Solid beginning, however, the difference into the front is rising and hopefully we can go straight back into and do something positive about this.”


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