Though he’d have been the less experienced fighter heading to his pro debut this past November versus Sean Gee at Prime Fighting 1 1, feather weight prospect Braydon Akeo was placed onto a dominating performance on the way to a second round TKO.

“Last November I turned expert plus it had been a really good experience,” Akeo told If you including all his ace struggles, he’d about 20-plus struggles.

“I pretty much went out there and dominated from start to finish. I didn’t really get struck at all. I was responsible for the whole struggle and wound up getting a TKO finish in the second circular. ”

Though he hadn’t even possess a long amateur career before his pro debut in November, Akeo credits his job with Team Quest at Oregon for helping him produce an effective transition to the pro ranks.

“I merely had two amateur coicts, however before that I had been wrestling at college, and that I feel like that I ’d been training my whole life with this time,” said Akeo. “I feel that I had the point being an amateur.

“Anyhow being a wrestler, I had to be full mixed martial artist. I worked out at Team Quest, which was perfect because of the transition out of wrestling to MMA: they will have exactly the exact identical base as me. A whole good deal of good wrestlers attended through the Team Quest camp. It had been the ideal fit for me. ”

Akeo (1-0) will turn to construct a winning streak if he encounters Austin Bloch (1-0) at a 145-pound co-main event at x1 World Events 52 at Waipahu, Hawaii, on Friday.

In addition, I understand he’s a state champ (in wrestling). I won a state title a few weight classes . He graduated before we were exactly the exact identical weight class, therefore that I ’ve always hed to vie against himso to finally get that chance right now is going to be arousing.

“” I believe like his wrestling is adequate, however it’s no where close in my level. I believe as though that I ’m really going to control this struggle. I don’t even find any means of being in a position to acquire. I’m pretty sure going in to this struggle right now. ”

For just exactly what would be his first year as a pro, Akeo would love to have a strong beginning therefore by the mid point of 2019 he would find himself in a position to generate a go at the future level of MMA.

“I sort of attempt to map out things, in the struggle game it could be really difficult to map out these things,” said Akeo. “you could make these plans in mind, but that doesn’t go through.

“I plan on going 2-0, also now there ’s another event right then if I’damn healthy, and that I presume if I could possibly reach 3-0 at the point that I have an attempt at getting on the Contender Series or one particular larger shows. That’so I’m aiming for at this time. I’d like to have on the radar by the end of this year. ”


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