president would really like to welcome both the Nick and Nate Diaz straight back to the Octagon but there’s just one inherent problem.

They don’t even accept fights.

That’therefore the word from White, who claims that he is contractually obligated to supply the Diaz brothers fights in the and it has done so constantly over the last several years but claims he’s rarely ever got a positive reaction.

“Thus people understand, in case you’re contract with me, I owe you three fights a year,” White clarified merely lately. “If I don’t even get you three fights annually — let’s say I just catch you one, I have to cover you to another two. If I get you , I’ve got to cover you to the other person. I’ve never paid the Diaz brothers anything because you can expect them fights and so they don’t even accept them.

“If you take a look at any fighter’therefore contract, it’s the same. If you do not accept the fight, you are able to ’t even hold me responsible for committing you so we stretch your contract. ”

On average speaking, fighter deals derive from a entire amount of fights in addition to a definite period of time. The is needed to provide the athletes a specific amount of coicts over certain amount of time or even the contract expires.

After a fighter turns into a fight or gets injured, further delaying their ability to compete, the will automatically stretched the contract, which appears to be what has lasted to take care of Nick and Nate Diaz.

Nate Diaz hasn’t even scrapped since 20-16 when he lost a vast majority decision to conor-mcgregor. He was scheduled to return a year in a fight against Dustin Poirier before bout was scrapped at the 11th hour.

Meanwhile, Nick Diaz was out of action as confronting at middle-weight in 2015.

White adds that he would really like to own both of these back in the but there’s no telling if if this will happen anytime soon.

“If they’re ready, they understand all they will need to do pick up the telephone and call and then we ’ll make you a fight. ”


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