Edwards asserts he implied that the two should meet in July if he saw Masvidal back stage while they both were doing media duties.

“Masvidal’s a rat…I don’t know what f*ckin’ happened,” Edwards told

The Birmingham native rubbished Masvidal’so claim to ESPN he motivated the exchange by increasing his handson. Based on his version of events, Edwards believes Masvidal cheap shotted him and then fled behind security.

“Thus he started walking …I’m walking .

“I walked over and he strove to cheap shot , that’therefore it really. He threw a couple cheap shots and then he ran behind security. All the security surrounded us and that was it. I don’t know, how can you discover admiration in cheap-shotting running behind security? ”

Edwards believes that with no presence of security, Masvidal wouldn’t’ve made it back to his hotel. He also gave advice on why he didn’t media charges despite police showing up at the fighter hotel to research the incident.

“He’d ’t got hurt awful. He also wouldn’t’ve made it back to the hotel…he’d ’ve got hurt very awful. I’m kind of happy security was there because I promise you, he’d ’ve got hurt very, very awful. He also wouldn’t’ve made it on the trip. They can bear talking that sh*t and believing he’s a thing he’therefore not, however, he’d ’ve got hurt evil and he needs to thank God that security wasn’t there to carry me ” he explained.

He underlined his lack of concern with all the cut he suffered, which was shown in a more video that surfaced after the very first episode was broadcast.

He revealed that the episode frees among his career-best wins over Gunnar Nelson.

“100 percentage, my attention was just dealing with [Masvidal]. I was trembling in anger, so which ’s how far I hed to get to this guy. I wasn’t even thinking in that which I did, beating a few of the best fighters on the planet, which went out the window straight away when this little rat tried to cheap shot me. ”

After chasing a struggle with Masvidal to the previous year, “Rocky”–who is currently on a seven-fight win series –insisted a romantic date “Gamebred” or a title shot would be the only struggles he’so eager to just accept later what transpired in London.

“It’SA weird situation. I was intended to struggle [Masvidal] in Decemberhe pulled out saying he was going to resist Nick Diaz and fight didn’t happen. They ’ll create the struggle so on and I’ll reach put my fingers on this man; I anticipate it,” he explained.

“They can’t come to me with nothing else however Masvidal. It’s either Masvidal or a title taken. I’m on a seven-fight win series in a few of the hardest divisions in this game. I should’ve needed a title shot . Everyone else gets title shots off four or five wins. I’m on a seven-fight winning series and I’m fighting back guys that are tough. It’s either smashing Masvidal’s thoughts into or a title taken for me. ”


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