“When people find that particular place, they ask why haven’t we proceeded .”

World heavyweight winner has submitted an MTV Cribs-style tour of his apartment to his YouTube station – and the place is very, very basic.

AJ, who remains undefeated, is currently training in Sheffield until his US debut against Jarrell’Big Baby’ Miller at on 1 June. And he wanted to show his fans through which he lives while he’s getting in shape for your big fight.

The apartment is situated near to the GB base where he is, to put it mildly, low key – a long way from the life style it’s likely you have at heart for one of the planet’s biggest sports stars.

But there exists a telling expression he repeats through the entire video:”It works.”

The seating

Anthony Joshua

Joshua’s apartment tour starts with the family space, which features a very worn settee and armchair, in addition to a recovery seat he uses for physiotherapy.

“You’ve probably noticed the antique chairs – we’ve experienced the chairs in here for about the last seven years,” he states.

“They’re comfortable, they also work and also I will curl up.”

Vintage is 1 way of putting it.

The kitchen

Anthony Joshua

Next on the tour would be your kitchenwhere AJ shows off his electric hob along with his ice box – which contains predominantly veggies and distinct tastes to keep him sterile.

“Unfortunately there is no champagne, no vodka, no Ciroc, just plain water, Supermalt and raw fruit juice.”

The Bed Room

Anthony Joshua

Joshua then opens the doorway into the’master suite’, which comprises that which he describes as a”big single-bed”.

It’s bizarre to observe the 6ft 6in A J such a very small area, with nothing on the walls. It sounds he’s pleased to haven’t any distractions, and simply pay attention to his next fight.

“I could reunite after a long day, simply think about my training, sparring, exactly what I’m attempting to accomplish in and outside the ring… it is rather quiet, not much goes in here.”

Joshua then moves into his en suite bath, which features a window that allows one to”keep an eye on anything that’s going down”.

“Occasionally you have to keep an eye fixed on the streets and assess dodgy is happening,” he states. “Be certain everything is in order.

“I simply come here and endure for hours making sure everything is smooth, nothing is happening and all of us are protected.”

His neighbours will be certainly pleased to know they have the heavy weight champ on neighbourhood watch.

The guest room

Anthony Joshua

Next stop on the tour would be your double bedroom, which overlooks the”lovely views” of this steel city.

David Ghansa is an integral member of A J’s team and lives with him at the apartment while they’re in camp.

“as long as you’re in here you can not hear such a thing. It’s peaceful,” he states.

After a trip to the communal bath, Joshua moves into the livingroom and also stays on his battered armchair.

“When people have come here when people have seen this place, they really do wonder why people haven’t proceeded,” he states.

His answer? “Because it works.”

He adds:”It’s peaceful, everyone has their very own distance, better sleepingfood to eat and it accommodates that which we desire for the training.

“And do you know what’s brilliant about any of it? The gym is really a two-minute roll down the hill… there’s no excuses to not teach therefore that it’s the ideal location.”

Joshua’s humility is evident not just in the video but from fans’ comments on this video.

One user said:”Reminds me from this home I was raised in… and I hated it. AJ has just reminded me to be thankful and thankful in 3 mins.”

The humble digs may possibly perhaps not be the place you’d hope to find one of the planet’s biggest sport stars, but one thing is for certain… it will be works.


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