Coming off a four-year, $52.5-million extension with the Jets following a yearlong hold out on the franchise label, Bell told SI that Roethlisberger is really a”great quarterback” with preferences regarding who gets the ball in the Steelers crime.

“The company hes to succeed. (Coach Mike) Tomlin would like to acquire,” Bell said. “Ben would like to win–but Ben would like to win his manner, and that’s tough to play . Ben won a superbowl, however, he won when he was younger. So if I’m angry at a new player and I’m not throwing him that the ball-if I’m not throwing A.B. the ball and I’m giving Ju Ju [Smith-Schuster] all of the shine or Jesse [James] or Vance [McDonald] or what it is, and also you also know purposely you are making your other receiver angry however, that you never care-it’s hard to win like that “

Bell said in the SI interview Roethlisberger’s presence was not the sole element in him desiring to leave, however,”yes, it was a factor” Bell added he desired he had had a”more open, more genuine, more real” relationship with the quarter back.

The Steelers never’d had a losing season in Roethlisberger’s 15 seasons but fought down the stretch at 2018, overlooking the playoffs after losing their last four games by a total of eight things.

Bell touched the ball 406 times in the Steelers crime in 20 17 and was the second-most targeted player at the passing game supporting Brown.

Bell told he understands Brown’s view.

“Once I was there, there were no major issues such as this, maybe little things such as being on Facebook, being uncomfortable,” explained Bell, referring to Brown’s Facebook Live broadcast at the lockerroom after a 20 17 playoff win in Kansas City. “I know Ben and a b personally. I know how personalities could possibly get. I can see where things went wrong.

“Lots of matters AB said, it had a whole great deal of truth to it. I have had some of those interactions. I actually don’t react like AB does. A b isn’t the only bad guy in the circumstance. Ben isn’t the only bad guy either. It isn’t just one individual. It ain’t just me. It’s everybody”

Many analysts and ex-players have questioned Roethlisberger’s leadership.

Bell has not talked to Roethlisberger since his holdout, during which Bell almost reported multiple days , he told . He intended to report prior to the Week 8 match up with the Cleveland Browns but stayed away after learning fresh info regarding the franchise tag and his pending free agency. He came into town during Week 10 and he almost made the driveway into the center.

Inside his SI interview, Bell said his first policy for 2018 evolved from missing training camp, subsequently to bypassing just one week, to finally maybe not feeling”comfortable” with the circumstance.

Roethlisberger stayed diplomatic through the process, saying he’s only worried about the players inside the Steelers locker room.

Bell knows his hold out angered the Steelers, that could explain why he heard from just a couple ex-teammates following his jelqing registering – Brown, who coached him to , along with absolutely completely free representative receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

“I do plan to speak with trainer at some point,” Bell said.


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