Under more than just a dozen wellbeing TVs, you will find 38 crimson, blue and white betting kiosks lining the walls of the sportsbook at Riverwalk Casino at Vicksburg, Mississippi. About March 8, what might be the greatest parlay bet ever to hit at a U.S. sportsbook was placed using a few — a 25, 20-leg bet that paid $104,412.44.

BetAmerica, the sportsbook operator for Riverwalk, said the parlay led to its biggest payout since the publication started in August. Through the sportsbook, the bettor asked to not be identified.

The bettor endorsed 14 favorites, three under-dogs and several overs. Each of them came , but there were a few close calls.

Their main perspiration may possibly have come in the first game listed in their own ticket: Washington Wizards at Charlotte Hornets. The bettor required the favored Hornets to acquire straight-up at -200 chances.

BetAmerica Vicepresident Alan Stremel said 20-leg parlays have been placed, but that is the first one to hit.

“People like the prospective payouts when putting it altogether “

Traditionally, the 20-leg parlays have been a regular offering at Nevada sportsbooks, also multiple veteran vegas bookmakers and bettors fought to remember any parlay with this lots of selections cashing.

“I have heard about 15 [legs], but not 20, not with us,” Bill Sattler, director of specialty match to get Caesars Entertainment and also a 30-plus-year Vegas veteran, said. “Welcome into the organization.”

It was high priced beginning to the month to get the Riverwalk, one of those new legal sportsbooks to start in Mississippi on the past year. In January, the five casinos using Sports-books located in Mississippi’s”central place,” which comprises Riverwalk, combined to win an internet $457,000. The Riverwalk Casino lost almost a quarter of that as its first March Madness was leaning off.

“We look forward to the rest of the action,” Stremel stated.


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