The ending of Alfred Gislason age could possibly be characterized as powerful though “Zebras” choose the national crown in DKB along with Men’s EHF Cup facing of sold-out Sparkasse Arena at Kiel.  However, this will probably be just a small part of the picture Where the German team using the Maximum budget didn’t make sufficient Effects at the Previous five-six years after ending of generation led by Jicha, Narcisse, Ilic, Ahlm, Omeyer…

Why, it is a good question for softball trainer, however additionally THW Kiel management, who didn’t make sufficient combination in the roster competent to stay at the TOP of German , but also competitive at , at which the last crown has been taken in 2012.

After two years of profiles such as lander, Perunicic, Olsson, Lovgren, Karabatic, Omeyer, Jicha, and ldquo;Zebras” failed for making the new leaders competent to push the team into the limits.

The first neglect was Aron Palmarsson, who has been viewed as the leader of “fresh Kiel” later 2012, however, Icelander clearly couldn’t find himself happy on the Baltic shore.

The 2nd one was a quick episode together with Rasmus Lauge Schmidt, who came as one of the hottest product on the current market, however accident put him out in beginning of the contract and love between him and the team cease to exist.

Clearly, an Wonderful participant from time at HSV Hand Ball, where he won DKB along with . Dule arrived at Kiel in summer 2014 as World Player 2013, however he was young enough (26 at that moment), 10.275 local fans didn’t find him as somebody who’s shooting a club into the prize podiums. Injuries prevented him by accepting titles in the place of the first one in 2015. He isn’t that powerful anymore.

The richest club in with the largest fan base in hand ball world, “hand ball Manchester”, now, desires to give another end at their rear by registering Norwegian superstar Sander Sagosen. Even the 24-years old Norwegian, ” the World’s Hand Ball Player 2018 by -Planet. Com (we’d like to understand very well what and Mikkel Hansen played year to be called “2018 WHP” by IHF?) Has found his place at strong along side Nikola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen, that speaks the best about his top-quality. However, the chance to lead the brand newest start of definitely the team with mythical standing and also to create him “enormous ” again, could possibly be more than attractive for the young guy enjoy Sander. The “City of Light” will soon undoubtedly be always packed with TOP celebrities.

That can possibly be an interesting and long romance story.


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