The Oakland Raiders have signed Vontaze Burfict to a yearlong contract, per day after the veteran linebacker was published by the Cincinnati Bengals.

The price is worth as much as $5 million, based on Network.

Burfict additionally will be a new team mate of wide out Antonio Brown, and also the two have a history.

Last year, Brown caught a pass over the middle and has been treated by two Bengals defenders if Burfict flew in with his knee, connecting with all the then-Pittsburgh Steelers receiver’s upper torso and mind area. Brown was down on the turf for a few seconds after which was assessed with the team on the sideline, prior to devoting the match.

The play, in addition to another one during that match involving Steelers running James Conner, led to $112,000 in fines that week for Burfict, that has been fined more than $415,000 in his livelihood. Burfict also was suspended three games for a helmet-to-helmet hit Brown throughout a 20-16 play off match.

Burfict downplayed any lingering tension between the players.

“We are on precisely exactly the same team,” he said on Tuesday. “It’s 1 goal. It’s all positive, man. He is a excellent player. … I will approach him like I do all my other teammates. … There’s nothing . We’re on precisely exactly the same team. We’re attempting to secure a tournament “

Burfict had just one of the best seasons of his career in 2013, when he made his only Pro Bowl.

Guenther happened over as Cincy’s defensive coordinator in 2014, and he has been one of Burfict’s most important supporters during his career, defending him openly after several of the linebacker’s fines and suspensions. A source stated the Raiders inquired about trading for Burfict this past year thanks to Guenther’s ties with himbut the Bengals said Burfict was not offered.

Guenther clearly didn’t give up, as Burfict was at the Raiders’ facility and signed within a day of his discharge from Cincinnati. Burfict told local reporters that Guenther was the second person after his mum whom he called once the Bengals published him.

Last week, Burfict had 33 tackles in seven games with the Bengals, but he missed a few games because of injuries, for example a hip issue and also two concussions at the ending of the season. He was frozen for the first 4 matches of 2018 after violating the ’s substance abuse policy.

Info from ’s Katherine Terrell was used within this report.


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