LAS VEGAS — summer league is going international this past year.

It’s still not known who will soon be on China’s roster, even though it’s likely that the big event is going to be a portion of the team preparations for the FIBA World Cup — that’ll be held in China from Aug. 31 through Sept. 15.

Croatia is not one of those 32 teams which will play at the World Cup.

This is going to be the second consecutive season where most of 30 teams will be represented at Las Vegas. The format was tweaked marginally in 2013; all clubs will play four games at the preliminary rounds, and the top eight clubs will progress to a championship to decide the champion.

Every team is guaranteed five matches, with one consolation match for the 24 teams who aren’t at the championship tournament. The max number of matches will be , to be played with the two teams which hit the title matchup.

This past year’s summer league place a record for total attendance, with 139,972 fans visiting UNLV for its matches.


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