LOS ANGELES — LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers ended any speculation about him coaching elsewhere after this growing season by demonstrating he and also the Clippers kindly consented into some longer-term contract extension earlier in the day this season.

Responding to a query about his prospective candidacy to the Los Angeles Lakers‘ endeavor if they make a differ in following a disappointing season, Rivers shut down some notion of him moving within the Staples Center also to L.A.’s other team.

“Well, I have work and the have a trainer, No. 1, and I will be going no where,” Rivers said before the Clippers played with the Indiana Pacers on Tuesday night. “I will tell you that. I anticipate being here a long time.”

Rivers said he and Ballmer agreed to a contract extension last summer that contained a choice for Rivers to escape the contract this summer when he chose to. But the Clippers trainer said he and Ballmer curently have verbally agreed to forgo the option and also work a longer expansion, which is pending the conclusion of paper work.

“Just so we will not talk about this for some time, let me end this now: ( president) and I’m very close friends, as you know, and that is what we are,” Rivers said.” (But) early in this past year, we (Ballmer and I) both chose let’s end this item. Just take this (option) out and extend and also make it a much longer bargain. We’ve long decided on this. We just have chosen not to say anything regarding it. I am here. My job is not done .

“I came for a lot of reasons, and also a few was demonstrably to win world championship and also the other one would be to make this type of place that people admire and would like to come back here. I believe we are attaining this role, but not the very first part yet. That’s my goal and that is it. We don’t have to be on this anymore, thankyou personally, please. I’m going to be here and I’m anticipating the long run “

In his first season with the Clippers, Rivers is still in the midst of his best coaching job.

Even though Johnson could make a coaching change after this season, Rivers ensured to carry his own name from consideration.

“We’ve done that a while ago, we simply have not, all of the paper work and also stuff is still being done,” Rivers said when asked about his verbal agreement into a new expansion with the Clippers. “Steve was a person of his sentence. He really was. He gave a trainer a opportunity to accomplish exactly what he required to accomplish if he wanted to, also this trainer has chosen to keep where he’s at and very happy about it”


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