Players should”choose their instinct” when deciding which country to play , England defender Michael Keane has told BBC Radio 5 Live.

The Everton centre back played at the Republic of Ireland at youth level, as did West Ham’s Declan Rice, who’s now announced his allegiance to England.

The other day, director Gareth Southgate announced that more than 50 percent of England under-16s have dual nationality.

“You’ve got to really go with where you truly feel as if you belong,” said Keane.

“I always thought I collaborated together with England this is exactly why I’ve always dreamed of playing England.

“When I was at Ireland, I wasn’t good enough to play England at the time. I was only young and small but still developing. I had in the trunk of my head that hopefully one day that I really could play with England.

“I can’t really give them a great deal information; I think you have just got to continue your own gut feeling. Clearly you have to see just how you are performing week in week from where you think that may end up in your livelihood “

In-form Crystal Palace defender Aaron Wan-Bissaka is one of the players using dual nationality who’s not yet been given a senior sanctuary by Southgate. DR Congo’s director Florent Ibenge told that the Independent that he wanted the 21-year-old to commit to them.

Meanwhile, Southampton keeper Angus Gunn, that has been already been known around Southgate’s squad, may also play Scotland. His dad Bryan, a former goalkeeper, played Scotland in early 1990s.

England start their Euro 20 20 qualifying effort against the Czech Republic on Friday followed by a match in Montenegro following Monday.


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