While the first 1 / 2 of his 2018 didn’t even perform the manner that featherweight Georgi Karakhanyan would have liked, he had been in a position to close out the year on the winning side of stuff.

After a reduction to Henry Corrales at Bellator 192 in January, Karakhanyan rebounded with a triumph over Alexey Polpudnikov at ACB 86 in May prior to finishing out the year in November with a no competition versus Timur Nagibin at ACB 90.

“I had to change a lot of things up, and that I really did and partnered with The Treigning Laboratory. I got pushed to a different level.

“I signed together with ACB and struggled a handful of guys and also really did well against them. ”

Dealing together with a new team at The Treigning Lab, Karakhanyan is like he’so continued to evolve his match over 10 years into his career and considers himself to be a much different fighter in 20-19 compared to years past.

“” I believe as though I’m learning,” said Karakhanyansaid “I always wake up each day and I’m glad doing everything I do. I train, I get beat , I don’t mind getting hit, and continue growing.

“I don’t even go out. I stay home a lot. That really is my life. These subsequent five years are extremely critical for mepersonally. ”


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“There’SA lot of rematches I would like to accomplish in Bellator and also that really is one ,” Karakhanyan stated. “(Sanchez is) a fighter who goes ahead, and that’s what I like a lot, and I have to violate his little customs.

“Our first fight I presumed was contentious because I feel as though I won the first and third rounds, but you can’t leave it for the judges because they could ruin your career. This time I’m going on the market and choosing a conclusion. I’m going to finish or get finished — that I don’t attention — I’m going to put all at stake. ”

Never one to apparently using a year, Karakhanyan is just looking to focus on each fight in regards and relish the opportunities as they come his way in 20-19.

“This sport is so mad, a few weeks back I experienced no home and then I got signed into Bellator and received that call to fight in the main event,” said Karakhanyansaid “I’m going to enjoy every second and also take it one fight at a time. ”


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