By Trevor McIntyre: Matchroom promoter says that they ’ve sent a legal letter into the WBC to have them to possess Dillian Whyte installed as the compulsory challenge to instantly face the winner of the May 18 struggle between WBC heavyweight champion and compulsory challenger Dominic Breazeale.

In case Hearn can find the Wilder-Breazeale winner to face Whyte within their next fight, it might possibly place Wilder at a position where he’d have to fight to back mandatory challengers. That’s something that is rarely done, and it’s pretty hard to imagine the WBC forcing Wilder to fight Whyte (25-1, 18 KOs), who hasn’t fought at a title eliminator. He’s ranked #1 with all the World Council, but he’s not had a title eliminator to make him the WBC compulsory for Wilder.

The WBC had proposed ordering Breazeale to face Whyte for its interim WBC heavyweight title once they were beneath the fact Wilder could be facing at a rematch. But, once Fury signed Top Rank , they decided to have him struggle somebody else instead of Wilder. As such, Wilder is now free to fight his compulsory Breazeale.

“we ’ve sent a legal letter into the WBC this week plus we actually meet with Mauricio Sulaiman…and we’re saying ‘how can you create Breazeale compulsory?’ ” Hearn said to “Dillian Whyte is WBC No inch, and also more recently Dillian Whyte has been arranged to fight Breazeale for its compulsory position.

Hearn believes that Whyte being ranked #1 with all the WBC should equate to him being made the compulsory. Demonstrably it doesn’t work like that. The WBC orders fighters the eliminators, and Whyte never took part in one. Instead, he fought guys like Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne, Ivica Bacurin, David Allen, Robert Helenius, Joseph Parker and Dereck Chisora. Those are fine B and also c level heavyweights, but they major talents, and more importantly not one of those fights were designated as title eliminators together with the WBC.

If the WBC forces Wilder to struggle two compulsory defenses straight back , it’d put him at an area where he’d be earning less money potentially than he might easily get in-fighting popular heavyweights such as or .

Ideally, the WBC should purchase Whyte to fight in a title eliminator against #2 WBC or 3 WBC . Fury would likely decline the offer to fight at a title eliminator, ” since he doesn’t need to work for a title shot just like the 30-year-old Whyte. That leaves us Luis ‘King Kong’ Ortiz. The WBC can dictate Whyte to face Ortiz with the winner of that struggle being the newest WBC compulsory AFTER Breazeale, the current compulsory, faces Wilder on May 18. In case Whyte can beat Ortiz, he then are the state compulsory, and Hearn wouldn’t need to worry a lot . In case Whyte had simply faced Ortiz once the WBC wanted the two to face each other at a secondary title eliminator, it’d be academic now, if Whyte won that struggle. But instead of fighting Ortiz, Whyte opted to fight Famous Brands Dereck Chisora, Lucas Browne along with Parker. It had been waste of time to allow Whyte to fight them. He needs to have obtained the Ortiz struggle, since he wouldn’t have any issues.


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