Even a fan has shown how doctors told him he had been near death after being attacked following club’s triumph in Schalke.

He had been left at a coma and remained at a German hospital until last week.

“I Have had principles at the back part of my head, my jaw rewired and lost a tooth” that the 32-year-old published on Facebook.

At a post where he thanked the support of fans, Mr Worth said he”could hardly walk” when he had been moved to Salford Royal a week.

“Today I can walk down and up stairs and produce toast and tea as part of my therapy,” he added.

“I really actually don’t remember the true incident. I only remember getting up in a ICU unit at and the nurses and physicians were telling me just how close I had been actually to departure .”

Mr Worth had went to along with his family to get the club 3-2 triumph at the initial leg of the last-16 tie.

Those with him said he couldn’t talk when he awakened from his coma.

“thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the people that are showing stress and additionally helping out my family throughout this moment,” he further added.

Even a 30-year-old man had been arrested by Gelsenkirchen police after the incident and authorities said he had been an associate of the Schalke”ultras”.

City thrashed Schalke 7-0 at the next leg of the tie and now face at the quarterfinals, with the leg 9 April.


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