Conor McGregor’so fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229 was the greatest fight in history. It had all of the weather a truly historic clash. McGregor, the brash speaking winner in exile, returning to recover his title against a man entirely his opposite, both in style and personality. Nurmagomedov, Combat Sambo Ivan Drago, seeking to get a decade and looking setting himself as the rightful lightweight winner and ldquo;humble” McGregor for disparaging remarks concerning his country, religion, and loved ones. But while the struggle did record-breaking amounts, the true contest was not really a really great fight.

Nurmagomedov trounced McGregor, almost from the opening bell, shooting “Notorious” down with relative ease and imposing his will. Nurmagomedov even dropped McGregor with and over-hand at the second round, and filed the prior two-division winner with a neck crank from the fourth round. Now, however, a few months removed out of his loss, McGregor believes he gets the answer for everything happened, also wants the opportunity to correct it.

“He’s formidable competition, wrestled since he was a youngster, has placed a lot of time into his stand up work,” McGregor educated fans in Chicago over the weekend (video courtesy of Mike Pendleton). “He was a whole lot sharper than I anticipated it was going to be. I’ve must honor that. This was his first major moment.

It’s very easy for someone to be given some thing also to complete it only 1 time. You place your absolute into it. But to take action after time and year after year, this ’s when the motivation kind of drops, that’s when the devotion type of lacks, and this ’s while people creep upward. This ’s I feel has happened . I didn’t even give him his respect, I stumbled forward, I didn’t even provide a sh*t, I have caught with that over-hand. If I was changed , I wouldn’t get caught with this particular over-hand in just about any form of combat. I’m very sure, very excited, very fit, let’s keep it going. ”

McGregor has received a whirlwind few years. After winning the light weight title, the double winner crossed over to for a superfight with Floyd Mayweather, started his own clothing line and brand of whiskey, also has been arrested for assaulting a bus Nurmagomedov was about. McGregor had not fought MMA in two years when he stepped against the very best lightweight in the world, a tall task for anyone. Needless to say, McGregor couldn’t simply leave it at that. Alternatively, he questioned the cowardly nature of Nurmagomedov’s approach with their struggle as well as his insistence on wrestling.

“Imagine almost dropping some body – because he almost got mebut he didn’t shed me I got back into my feet, threw shots, then threw a kneeand he then took [for a take down ],” McGregor exclaimed. “Imagine almost dropping some body with a picture-perfect shot, a picture-perfect punch, and then shooting the legs. You almost got the fight done and you take to your legs?! Stand up and battle. ”

The strategy worked well for Nurmagomedov, who ground-and-pounded McGregor for most of the rest of the round enroute to a 10-8 score. McGregor did recover in the third round, setting mixes together and resembles he can turn the tide, however in the second, Nurmagomedov finally found a truly dominant position and finished the bout. But regardless of this, McGregor asserts that the 2 want to own a rematch, if for no other reason besides the post-fight brawl wherein he and members of Nurmagomedov’s entourage threw punches at one another in the cage while Khabib jumped the weapon to attack Dillon Danis. Most that, demands retribution.


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