Barclays’ pound sponsorship of the Women’s Super League is a”landmark moment” for the game, says manager Emma Hayes.

“You have to have some body like Barclays to express’I will be the first’.” Hayes, 42, told BBC Sport.

“The interest is now growing. It’s really a snoll-effect and that I can’t find anyone getting in the manner of England becoming the ideal place in the world to play.”

Hayes, whose side won the domestic league and cup double final semester, included:”The women’s game is at a tipping point. We’ll see more deals such as this announced over the following year or 2 from round the women’s football planet.

“There was a place where some one said’I’m purchasing this for all of the ideal reasons’, not as a add-on. I have been saying for some time that I felt this might be the landmark moment, where we would commercialise the game.

“The upcoming big moment is to find a broadcasting platform, putting the game in a position where it’s got regularity, a slot, and also the very best vulnerability. That has must be the upcoming huge priority of the game.”

Barclays chief executive Jes Staley said:”To be able to put our support women’s football is really just a superb initiative for your own lender.

“The momentum is obviously behind the activity and we’re going to observe women’s football grow tremendously over the uk.”

Usa’lag behind’ England

Hayes was speaking prior to her Blues side facing French club Paris St Germain at Kingsmeadow on Thursday, in the first leg of their Women’s quarter final.

But Hayes considers the WSL is currently the envy of the rest of the women’s leagues.

“This is going to be the very best league in the entire world, if it’s not already. It will be an unbelievable league in a couple of years,” she said.

“Tell me yet another league in the world that could bring in a host such as that with this level of investment.

“We’re making unbelievable progress. It’s moving quickly, you almost do not want it to proceed too fast, because we will need to be able to maintain everything around it.

“But this may be the exciting thing I have waited for.”

Asked where she presumed the British match would take 10 years, Hayes responded:”I’m so excited. The work that has been done in this country within the last five years needs to be renowned.

“We are putting the tone, the trend, and also the manner in the world. It had always been about America, however now, sorry, they lag .

I think that the rest of fear that our country and our nightclubs and they’re pretty right to take action.

“This [the sponsorship deal] is unbelievable, such a terrific news story for the country, and also yet I’m sure America can appear at and say’how do we keep pace with that?’

“The best players are not planning to America, they’re residing in and in fact they’re coming to England.”

From Grassroots to the very top

England’s top league is going to be re branded the Barclays FA Women’s Super League from next term, also will include a prize-money pot of £500,000.

Previously, WSL winners have not been granted any official prize money.

Barclays’ sponsorship deal will even see them become the lead partner of the FA Girls’ Football School Partnerships, a nationally scheme to help build up girls’ usage of football in school.

“We will create 100 girls’ football schools partnerships throughout the country, including approximately 6,000 schools, making certain girls have chances to play right in a young age,” that the FA’s director of the women’s professional game, Kelly Simmons, told BBC Sport.


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