Following an extremely successful amateur career, light heavyweight prospect Zac Cavender made his pro debut at Closing Fight Championship 3-4 last November and has been able to come out with an initial round TKO victory.

For Cavender, which makes his pro debut went a lot better than he might have expected, since he was able to stay calm moving into the bout and ended up having a powerful performance.

“This was my first time fighting of state. It had been an great experience, especially moving in as a new ace moving to a larger promotion and undergoing that.

“I presumed I’d do have more nerves; I ordinarily have a good deal of nerves until my struggle, so I’d assume it it’d be 2 times worse for my own expert debut in Las Vegas, however I nearly didn’t possess some nerves. Everything felt right. It had been an awesome and a surreal encounter. ”

While he managed to gain a good deal of experience over the course of a couple years at the amateur ranks, Cavender is excited to have the ability to demonstrate his full game with the open rules as an expert.

“I had taken almost a yearlong hiatus from fighting just to teach and obtain better, but lots of the things and techniques that I’m so good at are things just experts may perform,” said Cavender.

“I really like elbow strikes, I love headset aches and knees to the head. In regards to grappling, leg reshaping is one of my specialties, and heels are everywhere, but you can’t use those in amateurs. ”

I only find a great deal of unpolished athleticism together with him, so regardless of where the struggle goes; whether it’s position or on the ground; I feel like my ability is only a mark above his.

“As long as I maintain my elimination high and don’t gas outside or get bored, I feel as if I’ll be able to finish whether the struggle goes into the floor or stays standing. ”

Having only begun his pro career, Cavender is seeking to establish himself within the upcoming year and then begin making a push towards larger chances in 2020.

“My goal is always to complete at least four coicts at 20-19 and become on the doormat of a larger pro motion like Bellator, the PFL, and also the at 2020. I want to make the journey into a few of those bigger stages and show every one that I’theres another degree fighter. ”


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