Former dual-division UFC winner Conor McGregor ripped into former bantamweight titleholder TJ Dillashaw on Thursday. 

He also took this latest incident for a chance to dig and then turn the screws tighter on his fellow former winner.

As such, Dillashaw said he had been giving the UFC bantamweight name in order to never hold up the division.

Though he has become the subject of several out of their cage episodes, including an attack on the bus of UFC 223 fighters which triggered his arrest and a post-fight brawl with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team in UFC 229 amongst other matters, McGregor didn’t wait when it came into Dillashaw’s obstruction. 

“I predicted that little snake manner back,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “& I ’m the new St. Patrick. ”

Dillashaw failed to respond.

McGregor is currently serving a suspension coming from the UFC 229 incident. He’ll be eligible to return to the octagon in April, but also ran to more legal problem recently when he smashed a fan’s phone and also required it.

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