Lemieux-Ryder will happen at super middleweight. The winner of this struggle is going to be the required challenger to Super World super middleweight champion Callum Smith.

Ryder, 30, has already been the mandatory for Callum Smith, but he is prepared to spend the risk of losing that area by confronting the major punching former 160 pound winner Lemieux in order to find some good high prominence fighting on the Canelo-Jacobs card.

Ryder has come up short when he’s turned it up against , Jack Arnfield, Billy Joe Saunders and Nick Blackwell. Lemieux is a cut above those kinds of fighters. Ryder’s punch resistance can benefit him in this particular struggle. He’s been pumped out once in his career from losing to Blackwell with a seventh round TKO at 2015. However, that loss was more of an instance of Ryder struggling with the high work rate from Blackwell. Ryder won’t need to worry much about the ability of Lemieux or his high work pace, but rather the utter punching power. If Ryder can’t escape the way of Lemieux’s huge shots, then he’s going to need to rely upon his brow being able to withstand his blasts for 10 to 12 rounds. Can Ryder do that? This ’s the major question. Lemieux won’t be weight drained for this struggle, so he’s going to be more punching with substantial power from begin to finish.

A weight drained Lemieux was beaten by Saunders with a one sided 12 round unanimous decision in December 20 17. Ryder lost a close 12 round unanimous choice to Saunders at 2015. The simple fact that Ryder did much better job at losing to Saunders compared to Lemieux did doesn’t necessarily mean he’so going to beat him. Ryder was more comfortable using Saunders’ slick fighting style than Lemieux, also he wasn’t weight emptied for the struggle. Lemieux arguably must have proceeded up to super middleweight few decades back after his eighth round stoppage loss to Gennady Golovkin at 2016. That struggle was a clear sign that Lemieux had to move upto 168. Instead of doing that, Lemieux stuck out it in middleweight to the subsequent two decades, also had mixed results in beating six of his last seven fights, but discarding in a embarrassing fashion to Saunders at 20 17. Lemieux’s wins at the past two decades Came against Cristian Fabian Rios, Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan, Karim Achour, Marcos Reyes, along with Glen Tapia.

Lemieux hasn’t scrapped too many southpaws throughout his 12 year pro career, so it’s going to be more interesting to observe how well he adheres to the left-handed stance of Ryder. It may not matter. If Lemieux is punching with full power in this struggle, Ryder isn’t going to survive once he starts getting hit flush.


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